Integration for SaaS Software Providers that Propels Exponential Business Growth

Don’t let the competition dictate your vertical market value

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provider, it’s important to optimize the data, application and business integration capabilities that are built in your SaaS service market offerings. Your integration capability is key to developing differentiated SaaS services .

Customers expect your SaaS solution to provide the ability to seamlessly connect and integrate their most critical data, allowing them to focus on what matters — their business. Eliminate the data, information governance, and compliance challenges your clients face with the advantage of advanced integration.

Quickly create SaaS services that enhance customer experience and drive value. With highly reliable, highly scalable, secure enterprise integration software for connecting applications, businesses, big data, and the cloud, Cleo SaaS solutions are exceedingly fast and easy to implement, maintain, and use. Leverage the power offered by flexible and elastic integration, intuitive DevOps tooling, and centralized administrative command to take control and secure multipoint, multi-ecosystem business information dataflows.

How Cleo integration technology solutions benefit SaaS software providers



A robust and scalable solution that can grow as fast as your business. Upsell to existing customers, acquire new clients, and scale with elastic integration.



Superior solution performance to meet SLA metrics surrounding 24/7 business continuity and 99.999% uptime.

Speed to Revenue

Speed to Revenue

Lower customer acquisition costs and speed the time to revenue with extensive pre-configuration for rapid connectivity across the agglomeration of your applications, systemic technologies, and business topographies.

Legacy roadblocks

Legacy roadblocks

System consolidation and surgical migration of mission-critical capabilities to the cloud without business disruption or excessive hand-coding.



Superior solution performance to meet SLA metrics surrounding 24/7 business continuity and 99.999% uptime.



The ability to ensure vast compliance standards specific to your target markets and tied to critical SLAs, with the access control, security, encryption, and segregation capabilities to meet SSAE, SOC 1, and SOC 2.

Cleo Integration solutions for SaaS service providers

Embedded integration

Hybrid Integration

Flexibly connect the bedrock of on-premises infrastructure with cloud applications, and power comprehensive customer business models requiring the hybridization of dataflows.

Fast and Easy Implementation

Enjoy quick deployment, automated trading partner configuration, and a huge library of preconfigured business ecosystem connections to shorten the time to revenue.

Speed to Market

Rapidly, securely, and reliably deliver new software versions, solution upsells, and security updates, along with increased service and value to your customer base.


Data in the cloud is never a question mark. Maintain end-to-end visibility at every transactional stage along every flow path with deep-dive reporting over all the data moving in and through your cloud.

Application integration


Grow your inherent data handling capacity with extreme flexibility and web-scale carry for optimal elasticity that ensures reliability across multi-ecosystem peak dataflows are met.


Advanced, rapid, and secure systematic file transfer automation.

Optimized TCO

With solutions that are easy to implement and quick to deploy, and that don’t require extensive professional service engagements, Cleo lowers the total cost of ownership.

Checkpoint Restart

Large files shouldn’t be a burden on your people or your systems. Cleo’s automated checkpoint restart keeps you from having to start over, providing enhanced transactional reliability and delivery of even the largest transfers.

Multi-enterprise integration


Support dynamic business integration scenarios and encompass B2B, B2Bi, and EAI, with MFT and transformation on a single platform to handle the variegated data movement modes necessary for optimized SaaS.


Cleo solutions provide flexible systematic integration options and intuitive centralized control that allow you to command, secure, and view all enterprise dataflows.


The ability to say YES to any and all types of data with comprehensive any-to-any data transformation allows you to say accommodate every new business opportunity.


Graphical workflow design and dynamic integration capabilities so you can conduct your data orchestra.

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