Dynamic data capabilities with pervasive integration solutions designed to meet the needs of the growing e-commerce industry

Worldwide B2C and B2B e-commerce are booming. And whether you’re a pure-play e-commerce or a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer with a burgeoning online presence, your ability to push logistical speed is what facilitates the expansion of your business and your brand. To stand out in the expansive competitive battleground and deliver exceptional customer service, you require a superior integration capacity. Cleo will enable you to streamline application, B2B, and big data integration with flexible and secure solutions. Keep your business technologically ahead of the curve and empower your upward growth trajectory.

How Cleo’s retail solutions benefit e-commerce retailers



Increasingly, consumers are beginning and ending their shopping journeys on mobile and tablet devices. You require a seamless capacity to integrate data from these platforms into your digital business ecosystem to secure new lines of revenue and deepen customer intimacy.



With B2B and B2C buying power that’s expected to grow to 12 figures by 2020, the ability for your business systems to scale as fast as opportunity growth will determine your success in capturing space in a catapulting market.



Compliance starts with assured data security over all the files, social data, placed orders, mobile application usage, real-time inventory statuses, legacy warehouses, database snapshots, big data, and data that’s in the cloud. Enterprise data integration is a step in the right direction for securing your data in motion and at rest for compliance with local, state, and federal mandates, including PCI DSS, SOX, Basel II, and a host of additional regulations.

Price optimization

Price optimization

To generate greater revenue and broaden operating margins, online retailers must leverage pervasive integration solutions to provide predictive intelligence that can facilitate real-time price optimization.



To stand out, e-commerce ventures are increasingly looking to expand personalization and deepen self-service measures. In doing so, there is a significant uptick in informational complexity that requires advanced data movement solutions to facilitate real-time integration that immediately posits QOS returns on customer conversion and satisfaction.

Cleo solutions for e-commerce

Multi-enterprise integration


The efficacy of your business is contingent on how tightly integrated your operational data is with your business partners. For efficient drop shipping, JIT manufacturing, and same-day delivery to and from pick-up centers and your end customers, Cleo optimizes collaborative integration with your suppliers, on-demand manufacturers, and logistics partners to streamline operational flows across your entire value chain.

Protocol Flexibility

Being an online business means being a multi-industry, global business. Cleo B2B integration facilitates business over a vast number of high-frequency and specialized secure communications protocols, including AS2, AS3, FTPs, SFTP, HTTPs, OFTP2, and many more.


Modern retail data exchange formats have expanded far beyond XML and EDI standards. Your business requires comprehensive any-to-any data transformation in order to integrate structured, semi-structured, and non-structured data migrating across the digital landscape of your business.

Application integration


Connecting data with systems and backend applications allows for extensive process automation. Workflow orchestration and event-based execution in tandem quickly increase productivity, reduce workforce errors, and optimize operational efficiency.

Self-Service API

Upgrade the way you interface with partners, suppliers, and logistics providers with an intuitive API-based portal that leads the way in on-demand self-service and synchronous endpoint integration.

Order Management

By leveraging superior application integration, from ad hoc and on-demand, you can create repeatable and recurring event-driven workflows to generate, stage, standardize, and transfer order data to optimize order management and customer transactions.

Data lake integration


The holiday season, Black Friday, and perhaps most significantly, Cyber Monday signal marked increases in transactional volumes. Cleo’s Big Data Gateway solution provides the elasticity to handle the incredible demands of peak dataflows and big data pipelining.


Powering big data analytics means rapid provisioning of data that is standardized for consumption. Cleo provides the transformative capability to access, convert, and feed data directly to big data platforms for the creation of analytical insight and actionable intelligence.


With e-commerce juggernauts dominating the market and capturing mindshare, your ability to deliver superior partnership, better collaborative data, and tighter integration can make you stand out with customers, logistics providers, and trading partners. The ability to gather data from an expansive variety of sources and pull it back into your ecosystem with meta-tagging enrichment upon ingestion.

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