Cleo powers medical research and development through its secure file transfer and pervasive integration platforms

Companies in this space have to collaborate across broadly dispersed geographies. Business information systems need to operate seamlessly in diverse and complex ecosystems. In order to ensure their value chain operates at optimal efficiency, companies must support high-speed collaboration for drug discovery/research, clinical and pre-clinical trials, manufacturing operations, marketing/sales, and ultimately supply chain distribution. Each function requires secure data integration and file acceleration necessitated by corporate and industry compliance. Key initiatives and regulations that companies must support include Human Genomics, DQSA supply chain regulations, and FDA reporting for clinical trials. Automate your integration and increase collaboration for all stages of your value chain with Cleo.

How Cleo healthcare solutions benefit pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotech, and medical manufacturers



Comply with mandated laws, regulations, and industry codes to reduce risk of heavy fines and penalties. Enable compliance with DQSA, FDA, HIPAA, PII, and PHI.



Ensure critical data arrives securely and on-time for research and development



Enable a data-agnostic gateway that supports future M&A and global expansion.



Gain a complete audit trail of all your file transfer activity.



Provide life cycle visibility of all transactions across the value chain, including SLA/KPI management.

Cleo solutions for life science, medical, and pharmaceuticals

Multi-enterprise integration


View dashboards and real-time customizable reports for 24/7 monitoring that provide visibility to both your internal and external users covering expansive B2B transactions to track order status, shipment status, and inventory.

Protocol Support

Expansive communications library to secure critical information across business lines regardless of protocol requirement, including: AS2, AS3, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, OFTP, and OFTP2.


Any-to-any file translation to support XML/EDI mapping, automated workflow orchestration, and non-structured format transformation for variegated heterogeneous dataflows. Cleo powers your business communications no matter the format.

Data lake integration


Before you can address the emerging technological requirements of the industrial IoT, you have to address the necessities of today. Gather, transfer, and integrate all your data, feeding distributed big data storage platforms like Hadoop and AS3.


Extract, transform, and load data into analytics platforms. This first step to becoming data-driven is a move toward better predicting demand, streamlining inventory, and lowering production costs with a deeper view and understanding of supply chain and production dynamics.

High Speed

To effectively build disaster recovery plans, back up geo-distributed databases, share massive CAD/CAM design documents, and send aggregated datasets, you need the decisive capability to move data at top speed. Cleo’s high-speed file transfer solution will get 100% of your big data where it needs to be, helping you outpace the competition.

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