Decrease time to market with improved visibility, management of big data processing, and superior security

Increasingly, the adoption of advanced technology is being used to boost competitive advantage in industrial manufacturing, especially when it comes to one of the most important challenges facing manufacturers today — data. Cleo’s game-changing B2B, application integration, file sharing, extreme file transfer, and big data integration solutions optimize your multi-enterprise distributed data management, movement and digital business processes all on a single platform. Bring precision alignment to physical operations integrating downstream materials suppliers and upstream distribution networks together for streamlining your intricate global supply chain.

How Cleo manufacturing solutions benefit industrial manufacturers



Granular, real-time visibility provides extensive insight into purchase orders, advance shipment notices, ship status, and warehousing transactions, delivering KPIs that help you provide the business with actionable intelligence.

Protect SLAs

Protect SLAs

Eliminate the dataflow blind spots and delivery issues that can drastically affect your cash flow, profitability, and customer satisfaction, limit potential SLA violations impacting reputation and key customer relations.



Securing the digital front is imperative. Mitigate risk associated with external firewall access, protecting internal systems and sensitive corporate, customer, and partner data from the dangers of industrial espionage and breach.



Meet global standards and regulations encompassing digital communications and data security. Provide provable audit trails for all levels of compliance needs.

File sharing

File sharing

Enabling teams of people across company boundaries to securely share files amplifies the speed and efficiency of R&D while allowing IT — and your company — to remain in control of critical data.

Cleo solutions for industrial manufacturers

Multi-enterprise integration


View dashboards and real-time customizable reports for 24/7 monitoring that provide visibility to both your internal and external users covering expansive B2B transactions to track order status, shipment status, and inventory.

Protocol Support

Expansive communications library to secure critical information across business lines regardless of protocol requirement, including: AS2, AS3, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, OFTP, OFTP2, and more.


Automate your workflow orchestration with comprehensive any-to-any file translation to support both EDI and non-structured format mapping, and data transformation for variegated heterogeneous dataflows. Cleo powers your business communications no matter the format.

Data lake integration


To tackle emerging technological requirements, you have to address the big data integration necessities of today. Gather, transfer, and integrate all your data, feeding distributed big data storage platforms like Hadoop and ASW.


Extract, transform, and load data into analytics platforms. This first step to becoming data-driven is a move toward better predicting demand, streamlining inventory, and lowering production costs with a deeper view and understanding of supply chain and production dynamics.

High speed

To effectively build disaster recovery plans, back up geo-distributed databases, share massive CAD/CAM design documents, and send aggregated datasets, you need the decisive capability to move data at top speed. Cleo’s high-speed file transfer solution will get 100% of your big data where it needs to be, helping you outpace the competition.

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