Supply chains are global, while demand is local, and both call for enhanced integration, transformation, visibility, and speed

As a high-tech organization, you exist on the cutting edge of innovation. Smart sensors are embedded at virtually every level of production, and additive manufacturing is reshaping the way products are conceived, designed, and fabricated. Here, data is an omnipresent reality. And although the explosion of informational origin, file types and formats, flow volumes, and distribution of digital assets present a multifaceted challenge to even the most technologically capable corporations, data also represents unlimited potential. Cleo’s superior integration solutions enable you to move, manage, integrate, and shape data across the entire connected topography.

How Cleo manufacturing solutions benefit high-tech manufacturers



Digital transparency along your supply chain strongly influences the efficacy of data integration efforts and the ability to smoothly extend business processes to suppliers, partners, and customers. Powerful visibility tools are essential to monitor globalized document transactions.



Deep integration between consumer electronics manufacturers and the retail supply chain offers the chance to optimize demand forecasting, inventory management, and precision replenishment to control costs and increase customer satisfaction.



Collaborative data movement made possible by flexible integration provides technological agility to rapidly respond to market shifts by altering order and production cycles in discrete manufacturing.

Speed to revenue

Speed to revenue

Preconfigured connections to the world’s largest trading hubs facilitate rapid onboarding and allow business to happen immediately and greatly speed the time to revenue.



High-tech companies are constantly investing in innovation. Therefore, it is pivotal to protect the mission-critical intellectual property that arms your business with its true competitive edge. Extend digital security to R&D, brand, pricing, and all other sensitive corporate and customer data moving over your business topography.

Cleo solutions for high-tech manufacturers

Multi-enterprise integration

Flexible Deployment

Implementation without the need for dedicated and expensive consultants, hand coding, or prolonged professional services engagements. Cleo will help you bridge the gap between on-premise infrastructure and the cloud, and front-end applications and back-office systems.

Rapid Onboarding

Preconfigured connectivity to the world’s largest trading hubs provides the backbone to rapidly expand your business topography, and build healthy partner relationships and mutually beneficial alliances globally.

Ad Hoc

In addition to moving and integrating data systematically, your workforce also requires digital empowerment. The ability to quickly and securely share files with internal and external teams — integrating ad hoc workflows into essential back-office applications — is key to ramping up productivity and efficiency.

Application integration


Address the expansive data integration scenarios of today with versatile workflow automation that enhances business processes and operations.


Carrier-grade scalability for exploding transfer volumes and file sizes. Easily handle peak workflows with flexible and elastic integration for systems that need to scale and businesses that are growing.

High Availability

Critical SLAs are tied to your ability to deliver constant uptime. Business continuity is equally tied to the reliability of your data integration solution. Enable multiple concurrencies and automatic failover for extreme high availability with Cleo solutions that mean you’re “always on.”

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