Enterprise-grade integration solutions for CPG manufacturing

While your value chain may extend from the granary to the grocery aisle, your digital supply chain starts on the ground and ends up in the cloud. With no margin for error when it comes to producing goods, or protecting mission-critical information, CPG manufacturing companies are looking for future-proofed integration technology to help their business advance with insight and an edge.

Cleo provides superior integration solutions that bridge on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based applications. Support B2B integration (B2Bi), managed file transfer (MFT), application integration (A2A), high speed file transfer, and big data integration all on a single, easy-to-use cloud platform.

How Cleo CPG manufacturing solutions benefit consumer packaged goods producers



Business increasingly relies on an expanding set of format standards and file types. The ability for your business systems to handle these comes down to your capacity to map/translate EDI and non-EDI documents, and execute business processes and essential transactions with data transformation across all structure levels.



You require the systematic flexibility to communicate using a variegated mix of secure protocols from FTP to AS2 and more, connecting your digital topography on a single platform.



Advanced visibility and reporting add a transparency layer to the digital supply chain, allowing you to focus on analytics, increasing production efficiency, enhancing stock management, and enforcing SLAs.



Your ability to ensure data security is extremely important to your downstream suppliers, logistics partners, and especially to upstream retailers. Enterprise data integration can close possible security gaps and eliminate chinks in your data armor, mitigating the risk of a breach.



Eliminate time-consuming use of valuable resources. Dashboards with real-time file monitoring and alert notifications are essential to speeding up issue resolution, and enhancing system performance.

Cleo solutions for consumer-packaged goods manufacturers

Multi-enterprise integration


Computing — like business — is increasingly distributed. Reliably moving data from remote R&D centers, to and from offshore production sites, and with global HQ is a complex requirement. Cleo B2B integration provides comprehensive support for systematic, application, managed file transfer, mobile integration, and data transformation use cases to fully enable EDIFACT, XML, and GS1 communications with retailers, logistics providers, financial institutions, suppliers and customers.


With a massive protocol stack that includes the gold standard for AS2, you can reliably connect to key trading partners, automating the flow of essential EDI documents and supporting mixed flows of structured and non-structured documents.

Faster Onboarding

Connect rapidly to the world’s largest retail hubs and onboard your business in hours instead of days. Cleo offers over 900 preconfigured connections to speed your time to revenue.

Application integration


Automation removes human error from the file transfer equation. This alone saves time, money, improves partner trust and satisfaction, accelerates operations, and adds agility to your processes


Meet legacy, new, and future-facing integration use cases with carrier-grade scalability. Integration for elastic workflows and peak volume flexibility.


Load balancing, automatic failover, and reverse proxy to support unlimited concurrent transfers, provide the high availability you require to ensure business continuance and protect uptime SLAs.

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