Next-generation integration technology that drives automotive innovation

There is a renaissance in automotive manufacturing where incredible innovation is giving rise to new and acute data-related challenges. As an automotive manufacturer, being able to effectively and efficiently access, move, and manage data sets your organization ahead of the competition. The creation of data-driven intelligence involves integrating with the right technology. Cleo integration solutions enable you to securely and reliably share intellectual property, such as new product designs, launch information, massive CAD/CAM drawings, and large schedule or inventory files. And with Cleo solutions, you’ll improve your security footprint by eliminating openings in your network infrastructure and reducing exposure across your enterprise.

How Cleo manufacturing solutions benefit global automotive manufacturers



Essential to brand and business are the surefire protection and digital security surrounding the transfer of critical intellectual property including sensitive customer data, and financial information.



Quickly respond to changes in the digital landscape with highly adaptable data integration while seamlessly working with legacy infrastructure, and tying together your systems, applications, product, and people.

Speed to revenue

Speed to revenue

Automatically accept and send any data format to and from any new trading partner according to their business rules and on-time delivery standards, accelerating partner onboarding and speeding the time to revenue.



Requisite data agnosticism to support doing business across enterprise lines and international borders with the capability to handle any protocol and every EDI and non-structured data format.



Prove file activity history and life cycle with complete audit trails encapsulating full enterprise-wide dataflows down to the single-transfer level.

File sharing

File sharing

More than a workforce enabler, advanced file sharing capabilities will allow you to push updates and upgrades to smart onboard computers, eliminating the need for manual maintenance and limiting product recalls because of electronic security gaps.

Cleo solutions for automotive manufacturers

Multi-enterprise integration


Advancing your integration capabilities facilitated with big data ingestion. Remove enterprise data warehouse silos and gather active data for distributed storage systems. Feeding your data lake will allow your business to more effectively utilize data as a tool downstream.


Pull data from all generation points across the digital business ecosystem. Metadata enrichment contextualizes informational assets, adding context and value to your information.


Provision analytics platforms with the right data at the right time. Move massive files and volumetric datasets at high speeds with Cleo’s software-based Extreme File Transfer solution, guaranteeing delivery and data integrity without losing speed, regardless of network latency or bandwidth.

Data lake integration


Onboard new trading partners in hours instead of days using automated data mapping tools — speeding the time to business and accelerating ROI.

Multi-Protocol Support

Support a vast array of communications standards to operate across digital and physical borders. Support AS2, AS3, OFTP, OFTP2, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and more.


Allow disparate systems or applications to exchange data by automatically transforming data into accepted formats. The ability to perform EDI and non-EDI data (such as flat files, CSVs, spreadsheets) transformations profoundly improves the efficiency of operational and business processes forming the entire value chain.

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