Comprehensive integration and file movement that up-levels global logistics capabilities

The worldwide shipping industry contributes USD $400 billion annually — equivalent to 5% of the global economy. These numbers are impressive, yet market turbulence subjects merchant shipping enterprises to the rough seas of extreme demand fluctuation. Complicating matters further are the well-established customs regulations, and the rapidly increasing number of nation-centric digital data privacy laws. Shippers must navigate a new reality of regulatory complexity in which technological sophistication is as necessary to business success as the movement of goods. Cleo provides robust data integration solutions to shippers and ports that facilitate the seamless movement of logistical data necessary to doing business in multinational regulatory environments.

How Cleo logistics solutions benefit global shippers and ports



As of January 2015, 109 data privacy laws are affecting the global shipping industry. Secure data integration and file governance are integral to meeting electronic compliance standards for financial, logistical, individual, and corporate data transactions. Ensure your ability to meet mandates from the UN, IMO, SOLAS, MARPOL and many, many more.



Reliable data transaction visibility greatly reduces costs, positively impacts green initiatives, and increases logistical efficiency in the delivery of hard goods. Shippers can create pinpoint inventory accuracy in real-time environments by utilizing dynamic tracking and visibility tools indigenous to next-generation integration solutions.

Data exchange

Data exchange

Shippers require the reliable, efficient, and flexible exchange of electronic information internally, between trading partners, and with multinational regulatory bodies in order to optimize logistical processes and increase competitive strategy and tactics.

Communications flexibility

Communications flexibility

Expansive protocol capabilities including support for FTP, FTPS, SMTP, AS2, and AS3 to ensure EDI and other data standards and compliance can be met.



Scalable integration meets business growth initiatives by enabling shippers to expand into new vertical and geographic markets, and bid on new contracts based on superior performance with existing customers.

Cleo solutions for global shipping and ports

Multi-enterprise integration


Doing business globally requires expansive data format carrying capabilities. Cleo gives you the transformative power to do business in any port using any required data format with comprehensive any-to-any transformation that includes X12, EDIFACT, flat files, spreadsheet, XML, JSON, and GIS data formats.


Being out of compliance can grind business to a halt. Your vessels can be held in port, and the goods you get paid to carry stay onboard. Cleo provides audit trails that prove data activity to facilitate C-TPAT, CSA, EU Green Lanes, ABI, RNS, AIS, and EMCS compliance.


Cleo’s integration solutions ensure you can operate at peak performance, meeting the KPIs that keep your current customers happy and assure critical customer and trading partner SLAs are met.

B2B gateway


Improve the security of your transactional environment by eliminating openings in file transfer infrastructure and reducing exposure across your enterprise.


Cleo solutions provide enhanced visibility across all forms of systematic data movement and ad hoc file sharing and collaboration involving critical and sensitive customer information.

Speed to Revenue

Before goods can traverse docks, board ships, load trucks, or fill trains, the real-time movement of mission-critical information must happen. Cleo helps you securely connect and move status documents and other large data to and from internal systems, rapidly facilitating the flow of your business.

Data lake integration


Big data is composed of ever-increasing file sizes and aggregate dataset volumes. Cleo Big Data Gateway is designed to be extraordinarily elastic, promoting carrier-grade scalability with high-speed transfer that accelerates all of your big data movement. Add the velocity you need to move your data and your business.


By its very nature, logistics data is extraordinarily variegated. Global shipping organizations creating RFID-enhanced route optimization capabilities require big data integration technology from Cleo to move and ingest heterogeneous, multi-sourced dataflows including satellite imagery, meteorological information, and GPS data.


Shippers require critical insight that drives actionable intelligence across logistical operations and business processes. Cleo Big Data Gateway moves all of your data, regardless of size or format, and provides powerful big data visibility tools to deliver transparent views of logistics, shipping, and regulatory data.

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