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The flow of goods through the air, over land and sea, and across borders requires the global coordination of business data. To realize sophisticated logistics strategies that push operational efficiency, build big data capabilities, and increase customer intimacy, you need to securely connect and integrate the full information ecosystem. Cleo’s agile integration solutions enable logistics enterprises to optimize secure internal and external business and IT connectivity, and ramp up process efficiency across the entire supply chain.

How Cleo benefits the logistics industry


Protocol diversity

Regardless of where you do business, chances are your critical transactional information depends on numerous secure communications protocols. Cleo helps you connect, integrate, and transform your dataflows with a comprehensive library of high-frequency and industry-specific protocols built into our enterprise solutions.

Meet enhanced SLAs

Meet enhanced SLAs

When a transfer fails, the possibility of SLA penalties, chargebacks, or even lost business comes creeping up. And any way you spin it, using unreliable data movement software costs you money. You need to reduce the time to resolution, and that requires enhanced visibility into your data. Cleo provides centralized dashboard views and real-time customizable reports for 24/7 monitoring that extend visibility to your key people, enable invaluable insight, and keep you on top of even the strictest SLAs.



Powerful electronic data governance is pivotal to reducing the risk of unchecked user behavior and system access. Cleo offers centralized administrative control with provable tracking and audit trails for all levels of compliance across business usage, application integration, and big data connections.

Cleo has the right logistics solution for you

3PL and Supply Chain Managemnet

3PL and Supply Chain Management

For every transportation, warehousing, inventory management, packaging, freight, and operational action in the real world, there is a digital equivalent advancing along the electronic supply chain. How you deal with the increasing variety and volume of information is essential to improving the efficiency of your logistical supply chain. To adopt modern, streamlined logistics models, you need move, integrate and connect your business across a multitude of disparate data sources. Cleo provides a single platform for system consolidation, enabling flexible integration, extensive data transformation, and elastic data movement capabilities. Having the right solution to manage your data is key to accelerating business growth and fine-tuning your operational efficiency.

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Global Shipping and Ports

Global Shipping and Ports

Dynamic integration — the ability to exchange data regardless of protocol, format, or system — is critical to increasing process efficiency and meeting international customs requirements. Without the real-time facilitation of mission-critical information flows, your goods may not move. Cleo provides integration solutions that power some of the world’s largest sea ports and shipping organizations. Streamline your operations with seamless automation for easier, more reliable, and comprehensive data integration for global logistics.

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