Maintain HIPAA, EHR, PII, and PHI compliance while allowing for deeper communication between physicians, patients, vendors, and payers

Healthcare providers need to exchange large amounts of data while complying with inescapable industry and government regulations, including HIPAA, Meaningful Use, and the Final Omnibus Rule. Without pervasive integration capabilities, providers risk millions in dollars in fines for breaches that may expose Patient Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Exchanging sensitive healthcare information across various systems, applications, and processes, leave the organization vulnerable to inherent data security risk. Whether you need secure file sharing for discharge care instructions to patients, secure file transfer to support document exchange for medical files such as MRI images and doctors’ notes to payers, or secure notifications leveraging a desktop MFT integration, Cleo provides comprehensive integration solutions that help ensure compliance and provide accelerated ROI.

How Cleo healthcare solutions benefit providers



Stringent healthcare regulations point toward steep penalties for even minor breaches involving patient information. Your business requires integration solutions that enhance compliance capabilities and optimize your ability to ensure HIPAA, HITECH, PII, and PHI regulations.

Single solution

Single solution

Deploy a highly interoperable single platform solution set that supports seamless connectivity across every endpoint and secure data exchange via a common interface with centralized control.



Gain a complete audit trail of all your file transfer activity, tracking every operation on files and information in your system — with crystal clear visibility into every transaction.

Data privacy

Data privacy

Protect patient and business information enterprise-wide, providing full encryption for data in transit and at rest. Employ a secure proxy architecture to mitigate the risk of exposure before a breach occurs.

Cleo solutions for providers

Data lake integration


Segmented information and data silos will hurt your ability to keep costs down and drive meaningful insight across your organization. Cleo’s Big Data Gateway solution allows for ingestion into distributed big data storage system regardless of source or endpoint.

Speed to insight

Whether you are advancing research into population risks, health effects tied to a new medication, or diagnostic medicine, insight originates with the ability to quickly provision the right data to the analytics platform when you need it.

De-silo legacy stores

The creation of a big data lake starts with de-silo’ing legacy data stores. With an effective big data gateway, you can federate millions of years of aggregate patient data to evolve from a digital enterprise to a data-driven organization operating with actionable intelligence.

File acceleration

Large files

Modernized healthcare necessitates the handling of increasingly large file sizes. This can be a burden on underperforming legacy systems. Cleo’s software-based extreme file transfer solution accelerates the movement of the largest files regardless of network conditions without over-consuming CPU bandwidth.

Checkpoint restart

Large files shouldn’t be a burden to your people or your systems. Cleo’s checkpoint restart feature signifies transactional reliability and guaranteed delivery with even the largest financial data transfers without starting over.

Secure transfer

Cleo’s high speed file transfer solution greatly speeds essential transactional processes while helping to protect and secure all transactional pathways ensuring optimal outcomes for your business and patients care.

Data transformation

Speed to revenue

With Cleo, the ability to design and reuse transformations allows you to rapidly automate integrations and add connections, onboarding new physicians, clinics, labs, HIEs, and payer organizations, accelerating the time to revenue.


Staying HITECH and HIPAA compliant in healthcare requires a capacity to seamlessly integrate files, transforming and mapping data to specific formats stipulated by ANSI and ISO approved standards.

Multi-pattern integration

B2B integration, application integration, data integration, cloud integration, and big data integration are contingent on the efficacy of your transformation solution. Cleo provides a true capacity for any-to-any data transformation so you can support multi-pattern integration on a single platform.

Enterprise file sharing

Secure sharing

The collaborative functionality securely provides patients with an electronic copy of health information (test results, medication lists, discharge summary, etc.) with full auditability and data safeguards to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Ad hoc transfers

Much of the data movement in healthcare is people-centric — initiated on a per-patient-case-specific basis. Cleo’s File Sharing solution enables efficient ad hoc data transfers with an intuitive web-based portal.

Network notification

Secure Fax

An insecure MFP or fax system puts your organization at risk of breach, exposing sensitive and private PHI/PII in medical questionnaires, prescription orders, patient charts, and insurance forms. With Cleo, you can secure and manage all fax and MFP transmissions with full audit trails delivery notification, confirming data security and regulatory compliance around virtual document or paper-based processes.

Dynamic Notification

With Cleo you can enable dynamic mobile engagement with your patients and team members. Facilitate automated text, email, and voice notifications, or distribute automated surveys that you design. Our solution is interactive, allowing recipients to respond in the moment to confirm or cancel appointments, greatly reducing the cost patient no-shows and optimizing clinic scheduling.

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