Optimize ground-to-cloud integration for life sciences and pharma

When your business centers on the improvement of human health, the surefire transmission of genomic research data is mission critical. Adopting optimal integration technology that allows your team members to securely and easily use the cloud for storage and processing is key to improving efficiencies across the entire life sciences value chain and the complete pharmaceutical development lifecycle.

Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud is a comprehensive set of solutions that power essential business processes bridging the integration divide between on-premise systems and cloud applications enabling seamless workflows and the efficient and timely transmission of sensitive proprietary research data, and large files to, from, and through genomic data clouds.

Lightweight transfers

Implement highly scalable yet lightweight solution securing system-wide end-to-end data movement and file integration for hybrid ecosystems

Reduce time

Easily handle large file transfers and expanding volume requirements across geo-distributed systems

High-speed file transfers

Enable high-speed file acceleration regardless of network latency or bandwidth limitations

Global integration

Employ a secure gateway and endpoint agent technology to enable global integration


Comply with broad industry and governmental mandates

Secure encryption

Protect intellectual property at rest and in transit with advanced encryption and native proxy architecture

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B2B gateway

Connect and move all your data to your data lakes and analytics platform

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Cloud integration

Flexible integration for hybrid and cloud-based environments that add agility and control cost

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File acceleration

Extreme file transfer to mitigate transmission latency and eliminate data packet loss

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Embedded integration

Design repeatable transformations to eliminate manual processes in new partner onboarding.

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