Securely connect and collaborate with your healthcare ecosystem while ensuring compliance

Throughout the healthcare industry, the need for privacy, security, and data governance is dramatically increasing as government, industry, and corporate compliance mandates continue to grow. Cleo solutions help you move your data more securely and reliably so that it can be viewed by the right people who can quickly and confidently act with insight and intelligence. Consolidate outmoded and unsupported legacy integration solutions, rapidly grow your connected community, and automate business workflows and communications. Let Cleo help you lower your risk and improve your compliance and efficiencies.

How Cleo benefits the healthcare industry



Improve compliance with extensive government and industry regulations, including EHR, HIE, HIPAA/HITECH, Meaningful Use, and Omnibus Final Rule.



Track, report, log, and control: Ensure that your employees and sensitive medical, pharmaceutical, and financial patient data stay in compliance and meet audit criteria.

Community enablement

Community enablement

Easily support any connectivity requirement with the widest array of native protocols, preconfigured connections, and the ability to design repeatable transformations.

Cleo has the right healthcare solution for you

Cleo solutions for healthcare pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and biotech

For Pharma

Life sciences and pharmaceutical firms have to seamlessly collaborate with international industry and governmental agencies across diverse, complex, and distributed medical science ecosystems. Ensure the supply chain operates with optimal efficiency. Support drug discovery and multi-phase research, clinical and pre-clinical trials, approval processes, manufacturing operations, marketing/sales, and ultimately distribution for product launch.

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Cleo solutions for healthcare payers

For Payers

Payers — including insurance companies, hospital billing partners, and medical claims processors — must be able to share information in a cost-efficient manner, all while maintaining strict security to ensure compliance with stringent healthcare requirements. Payers must secure the transactional pipeline by implementing with advanced integration capabilities that streamline and secure dataflows across a variety of ecosystems.

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Cleo Solutions for Healthcare Providers

For Providers

Healthcare providers must comply with extensive industry regulations, including HIPAA, Meaningful Use, and the Final Omnibus Rule, and mitigate the risk of exposure that puts Patient Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) at risk, leading to massive fines. EHR systems require dynamic integration technology to ensure the compliant and secure exchange of all healthcare data.

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