Multichannel integration solutions for seamless data movement and payment processing for PCI organizations

Global payment enterprises are facing a new frontier of industry-wide disruption driven in part by cashless society initiatives. To maintain scalable growth, in the face of unprecedented transactional volume and the need for efficient straight-through processing, the convergence of advanced technological capabilities with a flexible capacity to process and integrate massive flows of financial data is mandatory. Cleo has a deep history of helping large payments companies integrate even the most complex multi-enterprise topographies. Get the cutting-edge solutions you require to ensure reliability, security, and compliance, and evolve to meet the digital revolution with Cleo.

How Cleo financial solutions benefit payment organizations



Integrate transactional flows originating from proliferating data sources over increasingly distributed geographies to facilitate financial data transfers, regardless of file size or format.



Superior security, visibility, and tracking let you take on multi-enterprise/multi-border inefficiencies that affect coverage for consumer, commercial, financial, and regulatory transactions. Stay compliant with extensive industry, international, national, state/provincial, and local government standards including IAS/IFRS, Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), BSA/AML, SAP, MiFID, SEPA, ISO/IEC 27000 series, and the EU Data Protection Directive.



Proxy architecture protects sensitive payment card, customer, and corporate data passing across systems through internal and external firewalls.



Adopt systematic failover capacity to ensure intrinsic business continuity, high availability, and uptime for your customers.



Increase insight and transparency over proliferating payment channels, including web, mobile, and emerging smart devices.

Cleo solutions for payments

Application integration


Evolve your technological capabilities with advanced solutions to stay ahead of non-industry but digitally rich entrants in the payments market.

Protocol Support

Stay on top of PCI Council data security standards and NIST guidelines — connect your business systems with comprehensive support for an expansive library of communications protocols, including AS2, AS3, SSH, FTP, FTPS, and many more.


Verifiable mandate compliance with comprehensive full-enterprise audit trails ensures regulatory validation for PCI DSS, MMoU, and more.


Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) for all electronic financial payments and data transfers across enterprise, domestic, and international borders.

Certificate Management

Employ indigenous security key and certificate management for fully automated certificate updates, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity with your partners.

B2B gateway


Orchestrated workflows for e-invoicing companies to automate payments, send invoices, and track transactional data to buyers and suppliers across physical and digital boundaries.

Speed to Revenue

The faster business processes can be executed, the sooner profits can be realized, and the key is how fast you can connect. Cleo provides 900+ preconfigured connections to some of the world’s largest financial hubs.

Customer Portal

Increase interactive efficiency with your entire customer base using a RESTful API-based self-service portal that secures and simplifies customer invoice and payment interactions.


Enable your workforce to stay connected and carry out critical integration processes regardless of whether they are in the office or on the go.

Enterprise file sharing


Account for all types of file movement whether flows constitute automated file transfers, or ad hoc, human-oriented transfers to kick off orchestrated business processes.


Bridge the digital divide between your business and people with connectivity within and beyond the enterprise. Collaborate with merchants, financial institutions, and regulatory agencies.


Take down shadow IT and eliminate rogue file sharing deployments, upping your enterprise agility quotient, freeing IT, and adding intuitive efficiency tools your line of business users will actually use.

File accceleration

File Size

Data-richness is setting new benchmarks for volume in payment transactions. You need to be sure that your organization has a solution that can securely and reliably move all of the associate data along with the payment, regardless of file size or aggregate volume.


While the concept of faster settlement is relative, the speed of your payment dataflow is not. Cleo’s proprietary high speed file transfer technology accelerates the movement of utility, loan, payment card, mortgage and other payment data faster than any other solution on the market.

Data lake integration


Significant innovation in front-end payment technologies has led to a massive proliferation in channels of data-generation. Cleo’s Big Data Gateway solution ensures elastic and scalable ingestion from all data endpoints, connecting to your data lake.

Metadata Tagging

Enhance your ingestion flows with metadata tagging. For data curation and advanced provisioning for analytics, moving the right data at the right time will optimize your business outcome and bring you closer to the customer.

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