Optimize customer retention with faster insurance processes and the services that drive profitability

Innovation drives the insurance industry at an increasing rate. Adjusters require immediate real-time insight into policy holder, prospect, and claims data in-flight across the multi-enterprise ecosystem. On the other hand, some meaningful data is long-term data. New strategies leverage big data analytics that transform your view of the customer and drive greater revenue. Let Cleo connect your business, financial partners, customers, applications, systems, teams, and data. Your business requires Cleo’s next-generation integration capabilities, comprehensive file movement, and rapid ingestion for big data initiatives.

How Cleo financial solutions benefit insurance providers



End-to-end security with extensive reporting capabilities to ensure compliance over a broad array of financial, insurance, and extensible multinational, national, state/provincial, and local governmental standards like NAIC, HIPAA, IAS/IFRS, Basel II, Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), Solvency II, BSA/AML, SAP, MiFID, SEPA, ISO/IEC 27000 series, and the EU Data Protection Directive.

Speed to revenue

Speed to revenue

Rapidly add new business, financial, and regulatory partners in minutes, connecting your business faster and speeding your time to revenue.

Customer service

Customer service

With an API-based portal for customer self-service, your business can provision secure access, accelerate support call resolution, and efficiently distribute critical information.



Consolidate legacy applications and modernize systems on a single platform to optimize data integration and data movement capabilities.



The ability to show provable audit trails with comprehensive data tracking and granular reporting that stand up to in-depth examination and regulatory inspection.

Cleo solutions for insurance

Multi-enterprise integration


Expansive multichannel integration connecting you with global financial institutions, regulatory organizations, and customers accelerating processes and operations across your value chain.


Filings require standardization. Cleo transforms data to PDF format, a requirement in order to comply with NAIC.


Customize your workflows. Create integrations to move files directly to SERFF or backend office applications. Design repeatable and fully automated progressions with an intuitive and graphical data orchestration modeler.

Data lake integration


Carrier-grade scaling for even the most aggressive big data volumes. Highly available and highly reliable big data movement regardless of format of flow density.


Seamlessly pull enrollment, authorization supporting documents, or claims supporting documents into distributed big data storage systems.

Data provision

Getting the right data at the right time — moving critical informational assets to big data analytics platforms — is essential to gaining predictive insight and intelligently optimizing pricing that drives competitive underwriting and profitability.

Enterprise file sharing


Add agility to your workforce. Improve document management for billing, policy, and claims through efficient automation of traditionally time-consuming and manually intensive processes.

Ad Hoc

Enable efficient ad hoc data transfers via desktop or mobile with an intuitive file sharing portal that securely connects your people, systems, and information.


Eliminate shadow IT along with dangerous user behavior that accompanies unsanctioned software. Gain auditability and data safeguards to ensure NAIC mandates.

File Acceleration

File Size

The informational volumes generated by imaging technology are stressing legacy solutions to the breaking point. To ensure your ability to move the massive files essential to risk analysis, claims assessment, and asset appraisal, Cleo provides high speed file acceleration to handle the unprecedented flow of data your business needs to evolve.


Cleo’s extreme file transfer solution allows for permission configuration at the user level, IP-based tracking, bi-directional proxy, and encryption that protects data in motion and at rest for automated file exchanges between businesses and systems with comprehensive audit trails to keep on top of compliance.

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