Many companies have given up on information integration. It’s really hard. Perhaps they’ve tried lesser software solutions that just can’t do what they want it to do. So they turn it over to other firms to run it for them. The problem is that those companies are still using the same cumbersome and non-agile tool sets to get the job done, and the costs and sluggishness of those implementations are passed on to you. It’s a slower headache, but just as painful in the long run.

Cleo Makes Integration Easy

With thousands of deployments around the globe, Cleo understands integration and what it takes to make the platform both capable and easy. We know how companies need to use integration solutions and how to extend them.

Meanwhile, there are lots of companies out there trying to do what Cleo does, but without the integration expertise of Cleo. Many stop working on their solutions far too early and hope to sell you consulting services to fill in the remaining gaps.

The uniqueness in our company is that Cleo offers the extensive data connectivity, proactive integration, and orchestration right out of the box, something other organizations can only offer via managed services. Cleo’s technology enables the seamless handoff of the critical data driving your multi-pattern integration functionality in real time, providing end-to-end visibility into all your B2B processes and delivering you value in its ease of use and functionality.

Our business-savvy customers, then, find Cleo is an easy sell to:

  • The CIO, given Cleo’s ease of use and deployment
  • The CTO, given Cleo’s ability to solve current and future data scenarios from one platform
  • The CFO, given the quick ROI from Cleo solutions
  • The CEO, given Cleo’s ability to support business growth

It’s these core tenets of simplicity, innovation, and lowest TCO that enable Cleo to:

  • Consistently achieve a 99% customer renewal rate
  • Move more than $275 billion in transactions every day
  • Support well over 7,000 customers in more than 75 countries
  • Offer 900 pre-built integration configurations to speed your deployment and on-boarding
  • Grow 5x in the past five years
  • Consistently certify its leading MFT and integration solutions with all of the deep capabilities and optional features needed to deliver the more reliable integration available
  • Deliver a sterling customer reputation, which includes recognition from SAP, Xerox, and others for superior customer support and service

And that’s just on the macro level. On a micro level, individual business installations of Cleo technology have proven the ability to:

  • Move 3 TBs of data every hour
  • Reliably move millions of files per hour
  • Securely connect tens of thousands of endpoints
  • Securely transfer 7 GBs of data in 90 seconds
  • Automate certificate management for tens of thousands of partners
  • Support 50% faster trading partner onboarding
  • Capture faster ROI, often within 6-8 months
  • Accommodate linear scalability as growth occurs and nodes are added, and upgrades are installed in-place in minutes

A Complete Solution

Cleo equips organizations with the hybrid integration platform required to integrate virtually any data, help their customers, and improve their own business. Whether it is integrating disparate applications, automating B2B connectivity, supporting cloud integration, enabling secure document management workflows, or operationalizing big data, Cleo has a proven solution for you.

When your business calls for superior data movement and orchestration, Cleo will help you count on integration as a competitive advantage.

The Cleo Integration Suite brings together, onto a common platform: