Master B2B Ecosystem Integration with Cleo

Access the report to learn how to leverage new API capabilities to optimize business ecosystems for digital business

We believe that in reading this complimentary Gartner report, you will learn how you can take advantage of the intersection of APIs and B2B. Capitalize on new API-driven capabilities that enhance traditional B2B technologies including EDI and MFT. Understanding the ways APIs complement MFT and EDI can help you optimize your B2B ecosystem in the age of digital transformation.

In this report, we believe you will learn:

  • Ways APIs enable real-time B2B collaboration

  • About new B2B experiences made possible through APIs

  • How APIs enhance onboarding capabilities


Gartner. Master B2B Ecosystem Integration With a Blended EDI and API Approach, Mark O'Neill, Elizabeth Golluscio, 14 September 2017


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