Cleo Integration Cloud Platform

Connect. Integrate. Analyze.

A single, cohesive cloud integration service for end-to-end B2B, application, and data integration across your entire ecosystem. Cleo Integration Cloud is the industry's only cloud integration platform designed to take an "outside-in" approach focused on delivering business outcomes. 

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Cleo Integration Cloud: Cloud and On-Premise Application and B2B Integration
Cleo Integration Cloud Platform

Connect. Integrate. Analyze.

Leverage Cleo’s Connector Framework to create any-to-any connections across your ecosystem.

Improve time to revenue by accelerating onboarding and improving agility to meet changing market demands.

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Cleo Integration Cloud: Pre-Packaged Connectors and APIs for Application and B2B Integration
Cleo Integration Cloud Platform

Connect. Integrate. Analyze.

Create frictionless, end-to-end integrations with hundreds of applications and partners through pre-built connectors and rich APIs.

Enable dynamic business process orchestration with any-to-any transformations for every process, file, document, transaction, API or data type.

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Cleo Integration Cloud: ERP, eCommerce, CRM and Finance Systems Integration
Cleo Integration Cloud Platform

Connect. Integrate. Analyze.

Unlock powerful business insights with real-time visibility into your integration flows & processes.

Leverage content-rich & context-aware operational dashboards to keep teams, partners, and business stakeholders informed.

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Cleo Integration Cloud: Persona-based Dashboards to Manage Integration Flows
Why Choose Cleo for Enterprise Integration?
Cleo Integration Cloud: Overview

Modernize your integration platform.

  • 95% reduction in manual intervention: Increase productivity by eliminating maintenance and upkeep of outdated, inflexible, error-prone solutions...
  • 4x faster EDI onboarding: Eliminate frustrations of onboarding new trading partners by leveraging previously created project templates via our EDI platform to speed data mapping processes, while also doing away with custom-code and one-off integrations.
  • 10X solution ROI through cost savings & efficiency benefits: Leverage breadth of application connectors, easy-to-use interfaces, and pre-configured templates to quickly adapt to changing business requirements.
Cleo Integration Cloud - Integration Platform, iPaaS, Application Integration, B2B integration
Cleo Integration Cloud: Overview

Focus on revenue, not integrations.

  • Deliver more business value: Empower your organization to focus on delivering core business value, not complex integrations.
  • Boost your expertise: Leverage available integration experts during project inception, implementation and into production to ensure a seamless migration.
  • Mitigate risk: Tap into the integration experience gathered from 100,000 implementations across 8,000 enterprises worldwide.


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Consolidate your disparate integration tools and learn what a modern ecosystem integration platform can do for your business.

Cleo Integration Cloud: Connect

Accelerate partner and application onboarding.

  • Accelerate time to revenue: 4X faster onboarding of new partners and applications as compared to traditional cloud integration solutions. 
  • Expand revenue streams: Leverage 1500+ connections to the world’s most influential trading partners to expand new business.
  • Improve versatility: Say “yes” to every integration requirement with out-of-the-box support for EDI, XML, APIs, JSON, AS2, SFTP, ERPs, e-commerce apps and more.
Accelerate Partner Onboarding
Cleo Integration Cloud: Connect

Move data faster.
No matter the size.

  • Accelerate data: Greatly reduce transfer time and ensure deliverability with 3TB+/ hour data transfer speeds. 
  • Scale your integration: Proven enterprise scalability with 100M+ documents transformed and integrated annually.
  • Minimize disruptions: Gain always-on business continuity with highly available, DR-ready technology.
Accelerate data movement with Cleo Integration Cloud