Modern and Robust
Supply Chain Order Management

How your business handles the increasing variety, volume, and complexity of supply chain order management and logistics data is key. Cleo helps you lower logistics costs, better forecast demand, and optimize supply chain integration. Cleo Integration Cloud delivers advanced data and order management capabilities to optimize your supply chain integrations.

3PL and Supply Chain Order Management

Fine-tune operations with efficiency-primed integration.

How your business handles the increasing variety, volume, and complexity of supply chain and logistics data is key. Cleo helps you lower logistics costs, better forecast demand, and optimize supply chain integration.

Otimize supply chain integration

Benefits for 3PL and Supply Chain Management

Delivery of data, in any format and size
Rapid onboarding

• Support business growth with faster trading partner onboarding

• Connect via more than 1,500 connections to the largest business ecosystems in the world

 Meet all levels of compliance

• Meet on-time delivery, inventory reduction, and perfect order percentage (POP) business SLAs

• Comply with ACE standards through robust integration, securing critical business data in transit and at rest

Access real-time data visibility
Real-time visibility

• Gain actionable insight that originates from intelligent dashboards

• Leverage technical and business views across all your supply chain and logistics data

Optimize Supply Chain EDI

Cleo Integration Cloud streamlines how you connect and integrate EDI data across your multi-enterprise supply chain. Extend dataflows to integrate into core applications and expand your online presence with seamless eCommerce and marketplace integration. Whether you need EDI on-premise or in the cloud — Cleo helps you optimize EDI integration and ramp up business process efficiency for fully-realized supply chain performance.

Start Optimizing Today

Choose between cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment options, supporting complete alignment with business and technical strategies.

We were extremely pleased to work with Cleo’s Professional Services group, and they made our hard deadline possible. We gained a lot of efficiencies due to Cleo’s innovations, and I can say I couldn’t be happier.

Les Bicknell
Director of Application Development
USA Truck
Cleo Integration Cloud: Overview

Modernize your integration platform.

  • 95% reduction in manual intervention: Increase productivity by eliminating maintenance and upkeep of outdated, inflexible, error-prone solutions...
  • 4x faster EDI onboarding: Eliminate frustrations of onboarding new trading partners by leveraging previously created project templates via our EDI platform to speed data mapping processes, while also doing away with custom-code and one-off integrations.
  • 10X solution ROI through cost savings & efficiency benefits: Leverage breadth of application connectors, easy-to-use interfaces, and pre-configured templates to quickly adapt to changing business requirements.
Cleo Integration Cloud - Integration Platform, iPaaS, Application Integration, B2B integration
Cleo Integration Cloud: Integrate

Intuitive. Easy to use.

  • Speed the time to value: Reduce the time required to build and maintain data mapping or file transfers by automating core application integration processes.
  • Increase ROI: Eliminate custom-coding or manual troubleshooting that cause delays and add cost to B2B/EDI and application integration.
  • Simplify operations: Consolidate disparate integration tools and systems into a centralized cloud integration platform designed to connect and integrate any data format from any source.
Intuitive and Easy to Use
Cleo Integration Cloud: Analyze

Real-time actionable insights.

  • Faster analysis: Monitor, track, and analyze important data transactions between your ecosystem and internal systems for actionable insights
  • Rapid remediation: Quickly surface and resolve errors and issues before they become SLA exceptions or violations
Real-time actionable insights screenshot from Cleo Integration Cloud.
Cleo Integration Cloud: Analyze

Content-rich. Context-aware.

  • Increase visibility: Instantly access powerful, real-time performance data to unlock new opportunities and uncover critical business insights.  
  • Deliver more value: Create persona based, self-service operational dashboards to keep technical, business, and executive functions informed. 


Content Rich and Context Aware