EDI capabilities
that meet modern demands

Automate EDI processes to connect, transfer, and route EDI and non-EDI document types between any internal and business partner application

Optimize Your Supply Chain with Cleo

Cleo Integration Cloud delivers the advanced data and ecosystem management capabilities to optimize your supply chain and logistics integrations. Better manage secure internal and external business and IT connectivity — on-premise and in the cloud — and ramp up business process efficiency across the entire supply chain.

Start Optimizing Today

Cleo Integration Cloud enables optimized supply chain and logistics integration.
Protocol depth

Connect, integrate, and transform dataflows with a comprehensive library of high-frequency and industry-specific protocols

Enhanced SLAs

Reduce the time to resolution, enhance visibility into your data, and leverage real-time 24/7 monitoring to keep you on top of even the strictest SLAs


Provable tracking and audit trails to meet all levels of compliance across business, application, and big data integration

EDI integration with Cleo Integration Cloud

EDI integration with Cleo Integration Cloud delivers more value to organizations in any industry.

Data transformation

Accept and transform EDI and any other data format to allow the quick exchange of data with any system or application


Ecosystem enablement

Automatically secure, move, and govern all data, of any size and format, throughout your ecosystem


IT systems modernization

Quickly onboard new partners and migrate data in 50% less time than traditional methods


Reduce errors

Replace manual workflows with automated processes to ensure data flow efficiency



Provide controlled and trackable data via real-time access to dashboards, reports, and notifications

Cleo Integration Cloud: Overview
Modernize your integration.
  • Improve efficiency: Increase productivity by eliminating maintenance and upkeep of outdated, inflexible, error-prone solutions.
  • Reduce complexity: Eliminate frustrations of homegrown or legacy integration systems with a platform built for the digital era.
  • Increase agility: Leverage breadth of application connectors, easy-to-use interfaces, and pre-configured templates to quickly adapt to changing business requirements.
Cleo Integration Cloud Modern Integration for B2B, Application Integration
Cleo Integration Cloud: Integrate
Intuitive. Easy to use.
  • Speed the time to value: Reduce the time required to build and maintain data mapping or file transfers by automating core application integration processes.
  • Increase ROI: Eliminate custom-coding or manual troubleshooting that cause delays and add cost to B2B/EDI and application integration.
  • Simplify operations: Consolidate disparate integration tools and systems into a centralized cloud integration platform designed to connect and integrate any data format from any source.
Cleo Integration Cloud - Easy To Use, Intuitive, Modern User Experience