MFT Software

Is your file transfer software keeping you from moving data at the speed your business requires? A secure, reliable, and scalable managed file transfer (MFT) software enables you to quickly connect to internal systems and trading partner ecosystems, allowing your business to move sensitive data and govern all exchanges. Modernize your file transfer solution today with proven MFT software from Cleo.

Why Choose Cleo Integration Cloud for MFT?
Robust data movement

Robust data movement

Unrivaled depth of data and technology connectors to enable seamless internal and multi-enterprise dataflows

Automate business processes


Use APIs to easily build, instrument, and automate MFT integrations and programmatic file flows

Access real-time data visibility

Maintain compliance

Ensure regulatory, industry, and partner requirements through real-time visibility, alert notifications, and audit trails

Cleo Integration Cloud: Connect

Move data faster.
No matter the size.

  • Accelerate data: Greatly reduce transfer time and ensure deliverability with 3TB+/ hour data transfer speeds. 
  • Scale your integration: Proven enterprise scalability with 100M+ documents transformed and integrated annually.
  • Minimize disruptions: Gain always-on business continuity with highly available, DR-ready technology.
Accelerate data movement with Cleo Integration Cloud
Cleo Integration Cloud: Analyze

Real-time actionable insights.

  • Faster analysis: Monitor, track, and analyze important data transactions between your ecosystem and internal systems for actionable insights
  • Rapid remediation: Quickly surface and resolve errors and issues before they become SLA exceptions or violations
Real-time actionable insights screenshot from Cleo Integration Cloud.

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Customer Interview:

How Precoat Metals Enhances Its Secure File Transfer with Cleo

A steel-coating supplier, Precoat Metals relies on secure MFT and EDI to communicate with manufacturers, because not just any file transfer software will do. Learn how Precoat Metals leverages Cleo's managed file transfer products to enhance those critical communications and accommodate its customers' various protocol needs.

Managed file transfer with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud easily centralizes and governs all managed file transfers moving throughout your business ecosystem. Our advanced MFT software enables the data protection and data security you need for all system-based and ad hoc file transfers.

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Rapid connections

Set up connections and start transferring files in hours instead of days, or even weeks.

Multi-protocol support

Support all secure protocols required to handle data exchanges with any internal and external system.




Gain real-time visibility, complete control, and governance to help meet all compliance mandates.

File acceleration

Move data, of any size or volume, 3.5x faster than competing solutions.

Flexible deployment

Deploy on your cloud or the Cleo Cloud platform, with the flexibility to self-manage MFT processes, or have Cleo manage them for you.