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Are EDI issues preventing you from saying 'yes' to new business? Cleo's EDI software is simple and easy-to-use, letting you get to business faster.

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Best-in-class EDI software

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Eliminate your trading partner backlog and put an end to SLA violations. Cleo's managed services handles EDI communication and transformation so you focus on what matters most - growing your business.

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Onboard EDI Partners Faster

If you'd like to utilize your in-house integration skill set, choose self-service for Cleo Integration Cloud.

The core EDI technology engine in Cleo Integration Cloud has been developed and refined over many years of real-life implementations.

The platform leverages proven pre-configured EDI templates, allowing you to spin up partner connections in days, rather than months.

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Enhance EDI Visibility

Cleo Integration Cloud doesn't just support technical integration, it gives you visibility into the underlying business processes. You get actionable insights into the business value that each EDI document represents, all presented in the context of its effect on the broader business.

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Easy-to-Use EDI Software

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A powerful engine
built to simplify EDI .

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Cleo EDI is painless

With Cleo Integration Cloud, all your EDI transactions are displayed within the platform through an intuitive user experience and easy-to-understand format.


Every transaction at your fingertips

See how EDI drives your business forward. Cleo's dashboards show the process of EDI transactions coming from a trading partner and moving into your ERP.


Point and click to start doing business

Effortlessly connect to your EDI trading partners. Cleo EDI gets you trading data in days rather than months.


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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

G2 Crowd Leader

G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, has recognized Cleo Integration Cloud as a Leader on the G2 Crowd Grid® across multiple categories, including EDI.

G2 Crowd Grid rankings are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact). Customers reviewing Cleo Integration Cloud on G2 Crowd have collectively given the platform a 4.4 rating on a 5.0 scale - making Cleo one of the industry's highest rated integration platforms. 


G2 Crowd Grid

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With Cleo Integration Cloud, you can accelerate EDI automation, expedite partner onboarding, and easily tackle EDI issue resolution. 

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Cleo Integration Cloud - EDI Visibility Insights
Cleo Integration Cloud - EDI Issue Resolution
Cleo Integration Cloud - Overview

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