EDI integration with 
any application or ERP.

Cleo's award-winning EDI solution delivers rapid trading partner onboarding, end-to-end business process visibility, and seamless integration with your ERP.

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Eliminate manual data entry. Integrate effortlessly.

Automate EDI integration directly into your ERP

Cleo Integration Cloud EDI integration allows you to effortlessly route EDI transactions all the way through to your ERP. Automation reduces errors from manual data entry, validates EDI standards and receiving software, and increases processing speed. 

One single source of truth

Cleo Integration Cloud delivers enterprises a single, integrated EDI approach that delivers automated workflows, increases visibility into operations, and improves customer service.

An EDI Platform Designed to Scale

Cleo Integration Cloud is a single, flexible, easy-to-use integration platform that provides you with the support you need to grow on your own terms and timeframe.

You can maximize your existing EDI software investment while creating a path to the future of application integration, API connectivity, and beyond.

By giving you the ability to consolidate multiple business processes and functions under a single platform, Cleo Integration Cloud's EDI capability also gives your business a clear path to continuous value. 

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Real-time supply chain visibility 

Cleo Integration Cloud gives you comprehensive insight into all your EDI transactions and integrations for immediately actionable business intelligence. 


Connect Your EDI Platform to Your ERP

Take advantage of end-to-end views that offer rich content and complete context across revenue-driving processes such as order-to-cash.


Quickly configure endpoints between your trading partners and core business systems

Lightweight CIC Agents help you easily design and build end-to-end flows from your business trading partners to internal file servers and databases.


Pinpoint risk and collaborate with your trading partners

From trading partner score cards to first-rate exception management, Cleo lets you rapidly assess the health of your EDI integration and speed up error resolution.


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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, has recognized Cleo Integration Cloud as a Leader on the G2 Crowd Grid® across multiple categories, including EDI.

Customers reviewing Cleo Integration Cloud EDI on G2 Crowd have collectively given the EDI company a 4.4 rating on a 5.0 scale - making Cleo one of the industry's highest rated integration platforms. 


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With Cleo Integration Cloud, you can accelerate EDI automation, expedite partner onboarding, and easily tackle EDI issue resolution. 

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