EDI capabilities
that meet modern demands

Ensure compliance of all SLA agreements are met by the ability to monitor, track, and analyze important EDI transactions with external business trading partners. 


What is Cleo Integration Cloud?


Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) is the industry’s most modern and robust cloud-based B2B integration platform that empowers organizations to simplify their B2B integration challenges.


Complete, Robust Connectivity: Interact and integrate with anyone in your ecosystem utilizing 1500+ trading networks.

Intuitive and Easy: Leverage a combination of self-service functionality through the console or managed service capabilities to quickly onboard partners, customers, or applications specific to your business requirements.

Flexibility and Agility: Build a hybrid approach to integration, extending your enterprise applications to any B2B application, whether it is on-premise or in the cloud.


What Is Cleo Integration Cloud?

faster time to value

Reduce time spent onboarding.



And 3TB/hour. Elastically scale to any capacity.



And any data format. Meet any integration requirement.
Business Benefits of Cleo Integration Cloud

Visibility, intelligence, and reliability at your control.

End-to-end business process visibility and tracking

Quickly and easily view critical business flows in real time through a console designed for business users.

Reliable and anywhere access

Web-based console provides 24/7/365 access to enable business and IT users with real-time, seamless status updates across desktop and mobile platforms.

Intelligence and business context

Visualize data and instantly surface exceptions or issues through intuitive reporting mechanisms for rapid resolution.

Customer Interview:

Why Companies Choose Cleo

Discover how the Allen Lund Company leverages Cleo solutions to grow its transportation, logistics brokerage, and software business.

The truth is, EDI gets complicated when you start to bring in the B2B processes surrounding them and there are few vendors that can deliver on all of them.

Frank Kenney

Director of Strategy and Former Gartner Analyst, Cleo