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Cleo's award-winning EDI software delivers the rapid onboarding, robust data transformation, and end-to-end business process orchestration required to outperform your competition.



Digital innovation for the digital era

When winning or losing a buyer depends on a click of the mouse or a swipe of the finger, you need outstanding e-commerce integration that doesn’t box you in a corner. Enable your business with pinpoint inventory accuracy, seamless partner communications, and exceptional customer outcomes.

E-Commerce integration
Application Integration

Application Integration

• Integrate your digital store with critical backend systems

• Connect e-commerce applications with Salesforce, NetSuite, SAP, and more

 Meet all levels of compliance

Security and Compliance

• Assure data security over data at rest and in motion, including inventory, customer, application, and partner data

• Comply with US and international mandates that impact data, including PCI DSS, SOX, Basel II, and more

Power Business Growth

Power Business Growth

• Quickly onboard new trading partners and dependably grow your business

• High-availability and reliability to keep your trading partners happy

EDI Integration with Cleo Integration Cloud

Implementing EDI? EDI integration with Cleo Integration Cloud delivers more value to organizations in any industry. Our EDI experts can help automate your purchase orders, invoices, and other B2B processes.

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Data transformation

Use an EDI translator to accept and transform EDI and any other data format to allow the quick exchange of data with any system or application


Ecosystem enablement

Automatically secure, move, and govern all data, of any size and format, throughout your ecosystem



IT systems modernization

Quickly onboard new partners and migrate data in 50% less time than traditional methods


Reduce errors

Replace manual workflows with automated processes to ensure data flow efficiency



Provide controlled and trackable data via real-time access to dashboards, reports, and notifications

Modernize your EDI integration


Position your organization to take on more business and quickly respond to customer requests without disrupting current operations using Cleo's EDI software.