Modern industry needs a modern EDI provider.

Cleo gives you complete visibility and control over your B2B data flows. With Cleo, you can connect to your partners, meet your SLA's, and integrate EDI with your ERP. 

Modernize your EDI platform with Cleo Integration Cloud.


Connect to any new or existing EDI trading partner – without business disruption.


Seamlessly deploy EDI integrations with any internal system,such as an ERP, WMS or TMS, to create end-to-end business flows.


Real-time visibility into EDI and API-based integrations in a single, persona-based dashboard to operate & optimize your business.

Cleo Ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction Among EDI Providers

G2 Crowd®, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, has recognized Cleo Integration Cloud as the top EDI software platform based on user satisfaction. 


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EDI platform in the industry.


Real-time supply chain visibility 

Cleo Integration Cloud gives you comprehensive insight into all your EDI transactions and integrations for immediately actionable business intelligence. 


Connect Your EDI Platform to Your ERP

Take advantage of end-to-end views that offer rich content and complete context across revenue-driving processes such as order-to-cash.


Quickly configure endpoints between your trading partners and core business systems

Lightweight CIC Agents help you easily design and build end-to-end flows from your business trading partners to internal file servers and databases.


Pinpoint risk and collaborate with your trading partners

From trading partner score cards to first-rate exception management, Cleo lets you rapidly assess the health of your EDI integration and speed up error resolution.


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