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Any-to-any data transformation for the agile business.

Companies depend on robust data integration to drive business, but keeping up with the constantly growing number of data formats to support business has become a monumental task. Cleo Integration Cloud data transformation powered by Cleo Clarify™ is an any-to-any data transformation and orchestration solution that enables companies to flexibly support EDI, non-EDI, and application integration requirements.

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customers in over 80 countries choose Cleo to remaster their B2B, application, and data integrations.

AT&T, DOT, Hogan, JDA and more choose Cleo for integration

Any-to-any data tranformation

Doing business faster and easier is the goal of every successful organization, especially if you can scale without the risk of system errors or operational downtime. By implementing integrations using Cleo Clarify through Cleo Integration Cloud, you control and monitor the rapid transformation and exchange of data.

Powerful features in Cleo Clarify include:

Eliminate steps and simplify mapping

Support for new variable types, and consolidated actions and conditions. whether its an EDI XML converter, IDoc to EDI mapping or some other process, Cleo can make it automated.

Comply with any industry standard

Built-in EDIFACT and Tradacoms EDI documents standards to increase service capabilities global business markets

Meet modern application integration scenarios

Lever rich connectors to power hundreds application, data, and infrastructure integration scenarios

B2B integration and beyond

Cleo Integration Cloud data transformation powered by Cleo Clarify reduces the time it takes to build and manage critical integration processes to fully automate, orchestrate, and optimize your multi-enterprise, multi-application order processes.

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