Orchestrate big data integration
to drive business outcomes.

Data science starts with data. So, your big data initiative needs all the right pieces: the data lake, the analytic applications, and likely an on-premise/multi-cloud architecture. All that remains is integrating with lightning-fast, scalable, and elastic connections. With Cleo’s big data integration engine, you can move and integrate petabytes of big data.

Enable faster business intelligence through faster data lake ingestion
Simplify connectivity and integration

Simplify your integration

Consolidate integrations and streamline data flows for centralized control and visibility

Drive new opportunities and business growth

Expand data flows

Quickly access, integrate, and ingest data of any size or volume without risk of downtime

Real-time intelligence starts with end-to-end visibility into your data

Control compliance

Gain visibility and insight into all data to eliminate dark data and secure and govern big data flows to comply with business and industry requirements

Cleo Integration Cloud: Overview

Modernize your integration platform.

  • 95% reduction in manual intervention: Increase productivity by eliminating maintenance and upkeep of outdated, inflexible, error-prone solutions...
  • 4x faster EDI onboarding: Eliminate frustrations of onboarding new trading partners by leveraging previously created project templates via our EDI platform to speed data mapping processes, while also doing away with custom-code and one-off integrations.
  • 10X solution ROI through cost savings & efficiency benefits: Leverage breadth of application connectors, easy-to-use interfaces, and pre-configured templates to quickly adapt to changing business requirements.
Cleo Integration Cloud - Integration Platform, iPaaS, Application Integration, B2B integration
Cleo Integration Cloud: Overview

Focus on revenue, not integrations.

  • Deliver more business value: Empower your organization to focus on delivering core business value, not complex integrations.
  • Boost your expertise: Leverage available integration experts during project inception, implementation and into production to ensure a seamless migration.
  • Mitigate risk: Tap into the integration experience gathered from 100,000 implementations across 8,000 enterprises worldwide.


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Cleo Integration Cloud: Connect

Accelerate partner and application onboarding.

  • Accelerate time to revenue: 4X faster onboarding of new partners and applications as compared to traditional cloud integration solutions. 
  • Expand revenue streams: Leverage 1500+ connections to the world’s most influential trading partners to expand new business.
  • Improve versatility: Say “yes” to every integration requirement with out-of-the-box support for EDI, XML, APIs, JSON, AS2, SFTP, ERPs, e-commerce apps and more.
Accelerate Partner Onboarding
Cleo Integration Cloud: Connect

Move data faster.
No matter the size.

  • Accelerate data: Greatly reduce transfer time and ensure deliverability with 3TB+/ hour data transfer speeds. 
  • Scale your integration: Proven enterprise scalability with 100M+ documents transformed and integrated annually.
  • Minimize disruptions: Gain always-on business continuity with highly available, DR-ready technology.
Accelerate data movement with Cleo Integration Cloud
Cleo Integration Cloud: Integrate

Create end-to-end data flows.

  • No limits integration: Build and deploy any-to-any data transformations to integrate with your on-premise or cloud systems, such as ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, eCommerce, and financial applications.
  • Dynamic business process orchestration: Take advantage of rules-based orchestration to automate the most time-sensitive operational or data flows.
Create End to End Data Flows with Cleo Integration Cloud
Cleo Integration Cloud: Integrate

Intuitive. Easy to use.

  • Speed the time to value: Reduce the time required to build and maintain data mapping or file transfers by automating core application integration processes.
  • Increase ROI: Eliminate custom-coding or manual troubleshooting that cause delays and add cost to B2B/EDI and application integration.
  • Simplify operations: Consolidate disparate integration tools and systems into a centralized cloud integration platform designed to connect and integrate any data format from any source.
Intuitive and Easy to Use

Connect multiple ecosystems

• Quickly business and application data flows to your big data storage and analytics systems

• Remove data flow bottlenecks by consolidating internal data silos to build a data lake

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Quickly business and application data flows to your big data storage and analytics systems

Big Data Integration with Cleo Integration Cloud


Stream data from source to target without having to write to intermediate storage


Connect to all internal data sources to enable easy data lake ingestion


Connect to all data sources outside of your enterprise


Easily handle batch data, large volumes of data, and real-time data transfers


Governance layer for development and management for all data sources


High availability to support the most demanding levels of throughput