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Modernize your IT and business application infrastructure faster

Many legacy IT systems that have been responsible for ensuring data operational flows can meet desired business outcomes, no longer are capable of achieving connectivity requirements, and lack proper visibility into transaction statuses and activities. Migrating partner, system, and application integration processes to a modern solution is the answer, but for many businesses, concerns about high expense due to missed deadlines and errors stand in the way.

When modernizing IT and EDI systems, migrating your data from one application or system to another does not have to be a complex, time consuming, or costly endeavor. Cleo’s bimodal modernization approach — focused on updating legacy IT systems and services while emphasizing agility and speed — leaves no partner or system behind.

Cleo significantly decreases the risk associated with data migration and modernization activities by using existing project templates to automatically generate new integration projects based on specific system or application information. Since the project configuration process is automated and does not require any custom code, this eliminates risk of costly errors and gets your new applications up and running in half the time without disruption.

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Use Cleo to modernize your legacy IT systems and applications

Quickly migrate all of your data

Quickly migrate all of your data and integration processes in 50% less time than traditional methods

Generate project templates

Generate project templates for any B2B, cloud, and data integration use cases to accelerate future application and partner onboarding processes

Ensure 100% uptime

Ensure 100% uptime during data migration activities associated with IT systems modernization

Reduce manual errors

Reduce manual errors that can increase costs by eliminating the need for custom code

Control data

Ensure all data is controlled and trackable through real-time access to dashboards, reports, and automated notifications

“Plain and simple, Cleo delivered. From project charter to launch to planning to execution, everyone performed admirably. Everything that was promised was delivered, and we completed the entire project in three months. That’s a testament to the Cleo team, not just the technical experts but the project management and sales sides as well. I couldn’t have asked for better, and my company got everything that we were looking for.”

— Michael Donham, Octapharma

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Migrate off legacy systems in hours instead of days, weeks, or even months

Cleo gives you the ability to manage modernization and migration processes yourself through a single, easy-to-use platform designed to simplify complex integration processes through automated toolsets and the re-use of project templates. You also may choose to leverage our team of integration experts who work with you to ensure the most rapid application onboarding, migration, and integration of all data moving throughout your multi-enterprise, and cloud ecosystem.

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Support any-to-any data transformation, orchestration, and all internal and partner integration processes — without needing special skills to manage or custom code to implement.

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Cleo Managed Services

Let Cleo integration experts handle all of your B2B integration needs, from onboarding new applications or partners, to setting up secure connections for accelerated file transfer.

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