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Data transformation tools to reduce the cost, complexity, and time of partner onboarding

Modern organizations require versatile enterprise data transformation capabilities to facilitate information exchange across differentiated business systems. IT and business leaders realize that seamless integration between external and internal partners is vital to effective digital business communications. So, the inability for business systems to integrate even a single file type can have far-reaching implications when it comes to ensuring reliable and accurate end-to-end business processes, growth, and the bottom line.

Cleo’s any-to-any data transformation tools use a single data map template sourced from existing integrations, so large volumes of B2B data quickly convert to meet target source format and data integration requirements. The results reduce process bottlenecks, increase revenue via expedited partner onboarding, and improve customer responsiveness and SLA compliance.

Effective enterprise data transformation enables companies to facilitate to exchange of data across the business ecosystem, enabling seamless integration and communication regardless of data consumption requirements. Through the transformation component, the data that is received is converted and validated for consumption by the target source optimally based on pre-established data mapping rules.


Data exchange between internal databases and applications

Support data exchange between internal databases and applications

Integrate data with storage and cloud applications

Integrate trading partner data with back-end storage and cloud applications

Move data between databases

Seamlessly move data between distributed databases

Big data ingestion paths

Support ETL big data ingestion paths

“Cleo Clarify has been a powerful tool for us as we use it to transform incoming EDI documents to our current format, which has saved us many hours of reprogramming our internal systems. We are able to pass along the incredible time savings in the form of improved customer service.”

— Tim Hagan, Trinidad Benham Corporation

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Benefits of Cleo data transformation solutions


Flexibility to support various spreadsheets, XML, EDI, flat files, Web Services, change data capture, and other mediations, which overturns the challenge of converging B2B integration, B2Bi, application integration, and data lake integration demands.


Compliance to ensure meeting extensive security standards with sweeping format handling and data translation for far-reaching international, national, state/provincial, local, and industry regulations.


Scalability to accommodate business growth and all data types, increasing data transaction volumes with carrier-grade expansion and any-to-any transformation.


Efficiency to automate integrations, remove process bottlenecks, and mitigate the risks of lost business or customer SLA compliance failure.


Speed to revenue by rapidly onboarding new connections within hours instead of days.


Reliability to improve customer responsiveness and drive efficient processes that increases the bottom line. Deliver quicker responses to customer requests and eliminate costly transaction errors.

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