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Manage business transactions faster with Cleo EDI software and services

With the introduction of new formats, communication methods, and application connections, business growth naturally pushes your EDI integration beyond the simple exchange of standard electronic documents. To ensure that you are able to take on more business and quickly respond to customer requests without disrupting current operations, you will need to modernize your EDI strategy.

Cleo automates EDI processes to connect, transform, and route EDI and non-EDI document types between any internal and business partner application — without the need for custom code. This means, you will be able to reduce operational latency and costly errors, and can start doing business with new partners faster than your competitors.

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Benefits of modernizing EDI with Cleo


Process X12, EDIFACT, and Tradacoms EDI standards


Transform and orchestrate data in any supported file format

Application integration

Create automated data flows between internal and external applications

Partner onboarding

Accelerate data migration and new partner onboarding processes

Real-time visibility

Access real-time data transaction visibility, reporting, and notifications

“We can connect with customers and partners how they want to. EDI was typically one of the longest IT project tasks to be completed when it came to new customer startups. With Cleo Clarify, we have reduced development effort and achieved faster time to value.”

— Tom Loftus, Saddle Creek Logistics

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Cleo EDI

EDI integration without limits

Whether you decide to use automated toolsets to self-manage EDI integration processes, such as new partner onboarding, or choose to have Cleo integration experts manage all EDI and B2B integration processes for you, Cleo delivers the flexibility and scale your need.

No matter how you choose to manage your EDI, Cleo will ensure you have complete access to all of your data in real-time, including web-based dashboards, transaction reports, and automated alerts. Having full control of the entire life-cycle of your data will help you improve data transaction flows, and ensure compliance with customer SLAs and industry mandates.

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