Build Data Pipelines for Big Data and B2B

Build and automate data pipeline flows with simplified process orchestration, change data capture, and the acceleration of business information for big data ingestion

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Data pipelines with Cleo

Move data faster to drive customer engagement and business analytics

Data process efficiency is the key to improving the operational health of your business, and delivering more value to your customers faster. But as more best-of-breed applications and cloud services are added to your technology stack, data sources may become siloed, making it difficult to share information, and causing operational latency.

In addition, if data from every source is not efficiently ingested into repositories, companies looking to use data to drive deeper business intelligence may risk an inconsistent and incomplete view of business operations.

Cleo helps companies easily connect, transform, integrate, and consolidate all B2B, application, and cloud data into a scalable and secure data pipeline. Data of all formats and sizes are rapidly extracted from any source, transformed, then securely moved to any endpoint or data lake repository to feed business analytics applications.

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Benefits of centralizing integration and data flows with Cleo

Complete data management

Complete, end-to-end management of all data transactions, with on-demand auditing

Faster integration

Faster integration of new internal applications, cloud, and business partner data

Efficient and scalable

Efficient, and scalable operational data flows with 100% uptime

Rapid and secure movement of data

Rapid and secure movement of data of any type, from any source, to any target

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility into every data transaction, with automated notifications, and alerts

“Over the years, we’ve continued to build on our success by partnering with some of the world’s most recognized companies from a wide array of industries to provide state-of-the-art technology, flexible processes, and unparalleled customer service second to none in the industry. We believe we’ve found a first-rate business and technology partner in Cleo.”

— Luther Brown, nVision Global Technology Solutions

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Cleo ensures data pipelines are fluid across your business ecosystem

Building reliable data pipelines are necessary for current and future digital transformation initiatives. But in order to be able to transform your digital economy, you will need more advanced data security and governance, faster movement of data of any size or volume, and easier ingestion of all data into data lake repositories.

Data Governance & Control

Connect, manage, and instantly track all B2B, application, and cloud data flows moving in and throughout your business ecosystem.

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Data Lake Ingestion

Create highly secure and reliable connections to Hadoop and other data lake repositories to enable business intelligence.

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Pipeline Acceleration

Guarantee delivery of data, in any format and size, by securely moving files up to 345% faster than traditional methods.

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Data pipelines with Cleo

Building data pipelines together

Let the integration experts at Cleo guide you in the best practices for building and managing a reliable and scalable data pipeline. You may choose to manage integration activities yourself through Cleo’s single, easy to use platform, or, you may decide to have our team manage integration processes for you. Either way, you will have complete control of your data, so you can be confident you are meeting customer and regulatory mandates, and enabling true business intelligence.


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