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Connect and Integrate NetSuite with critical enterprise data sources, cloud and on-premise systems, and your full business trading network.

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Cleo Integration Cloud™ Application Integration Connector for NetSuite

The Cleo application integration connector for NetSuite integration delivers secure and seamless integration with your other business-critical applications and systems, providing a complete and unified view into customer engagement across multiple applications and systems.

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Benefits of Cleo’s NetSuite Integration

Unlock integration value with NetSuite connectivity.







What you can do when you integrate NetSuite with Cleo

  • Quickly build and map integration projects using a convenient application wizard
  • Enable access to all the application’s XSD (XML Schema Definition) for easier business customization
  • Build custom API connections through Cleo’s Developer portal

Bridge your cloud and on-premise applications with technical flexibility enabling easier NetSuite integration.

  • Eliminate excessive scripting
  • Manage complex data models
  • Automate business workflows
  • View real-time business data

Why Customers Choose Cleo for NetSuite Integration

Cleo uses APIs to seamlessly integrate the applications and systems powering your business —

  • Trading partner networks
  • Databases
  • Data warehouses
  • Big data platforms
  • On-premise and cloud-based ERPs
  • SaaS CRM tools, including integrating NetSuite with Salesforce

— without all the custom code.

Additional NetSuite Integration Benefits


Simplify the application management view with automated refresh capabilities that seamlessly pull updated projects and other metadata


View data exchange in real time with Cleo Dashboards and automated reporting

NetSuite is a leading CRM/ERP platform used to manage financials, operations, and customer relations for businesses of all sizes.

Developer-Friendly Integration

Integration Success

Our e-commerce platform lives in a separate application, and we’d love to connect it to our own internal ERP. It’s something we have to have, as our internal ERP is the brain of our company. All of our retail, wholesale, and e-commerce workflows are fed by it. We’ll be happy to work with Cleo on expanded integration for Mondetta.

Andre Barbosa, System Analyst, Mondetta
Why customers chose Cleo

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Why customers chose Cleo

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Why customers chose Cleo

Why Businesses Integrate NetSuite Application Data Flows with Cleo

As companies grow, so does the need to incorporate best-of-breed applications and tools to effectively manage each business function. To avoid data silos and ensure a holistic view of the business, organizations must possess the integration technology to securely connect and move data across any B2B, application, ground-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud scenario.

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