Cleo vs. SPS Commerce

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Compare Cleo Integration Cloud vs SPS Commerce

Cleo Integration Cloud blends the capabilities of traditional EDI and iPaaS into a single ecosystem integration platform, designed to deliver business outcomes. Explore the difference yourself.

Integration design time and deployment
CapabilityCleo Integration CloudSPS Commerce
Onboarding (Communications)
Industry certified support for any and all communications standards and protocols
Industry certified support for any and all communications standards and protocols
Onboarding (Maps)
Based on existing standards and templates; scalable with multiple re-uses
Outsourced to IB with minimal input from customers and partners
EDI Integration
Dynamic and adaptive EDI and non-EDI capabilities with any-to-any transformation and integration
Black box as a fully-managed service
Application Integration
Library of application, infrastructure, protocol connectors and robust API framework
Based on custom scripting and code
Business process design and automation
Intuitive wizard-driven end-to-end process creation, testing and execution
Out of scope or black box as a fully-managed value added service
Operational governance and runtime
CapabilityCleo Integration CloudSPS Commerce
Management & Control
Self-service exception monitoring, interactive and transparent support with automated alert notifications
Black box as a fully-managed value added service
Visibility & Analytics
Self-service, real-time operational dashboards, analytics, and auditable reporting
Bolt on or as ad hoc value added service
Persona-based Experiences
Configurable operational dashboards and controls for business, operational, and technical users
Out of scope

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Cleo offers flexible EDI services options that fit your business

• Utilize your in-house integration skill set 

• Self-service ability to build and support integrations 

• Responsible for operational monitoring, exception management and production support 

• Cleo is responsible for maintaining the Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform, including fixes, enhancements and upgrades

• Cleo’s team has you covered with 24x7 operational monitoring, exception management and production support ​

• Services Package Add-on, includes incremental design time coverage for new trading partner onboarding and changes to integration flows 

• Partner with Cleo Services to extend your team ​

• Get 24x7 transaction monitoring, exception management and production support within the CIC platform ​

• Cleo assists with any trading partner outage or CIC outages to minimize any impact to operations

Our unique blend of MS & Self-Service ensures complete control and agility while reducing complexity. Learn how you can get started today!


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