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Business-grade file sharing and collaboration.

The Cleo Unify solution is your powerful, on-premise file sharing technology built with security, governance, and mobility needed for today’s enterprise. Your teams can share files of all types and sizes internally and externally with security, ease, and a fully auditable history, and they can do so without the risks associated with less secure consumer-oriented solutions.

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Secure file sharing that extends file transfer
Access real-time data visibility

File tracking

Track all files that are received by or sent from your organization with providing secure file transfer



Secure the hand off of files from users and automate integration into backend applications 

Simplify the complex network of business information end-points

Ease of use

An intuitive web interface that requires less training and service engagements than other alternatives


Exchange all file types and sizes, from anywhere

When teams need to quickly share files or documents, they often turn to non-sanctioned, consumer-oriented tools that do not meet corporate security and compliance mandates. The potential loss of financial information, HR information, intellectual property, and other sensitive data can be devastating to a company. In some cases, it can result in heavy fines and sanctions in the face of regulatory implications such as GDPR.  

The Cleo Unify software … has streamlined the transfer process for when our customers send files to us, and this provides time and monetary savings for them as well.

The Multistate Tax Commission deployed Cleo’s integration platform and leveraged its secure file sharing capabilities.

Chris Lane

Multistate Tax Commission, Network administrator


Secure file sharing with peace of mind

To stop the epidemic of file security breaches that put your company at risk both financially and legally, IT must provide a way to enable users to share files of all sizes — securely and with the appropriate level of governance and control. The solution also must allow business users to work collaboratively, both inside and outside the organization, while operating within their security and compliance policies.

The Cleo Unify file sharing for business solution, a secure alternative to products like Box and Dropbox, resides on-premise behind your firewall, offering an easy way to send files that are too large to be sent by email.

Gain control while maintaining standards

With the Cleo Unify solution, you can quickly and easily implement secure file sharing, gain control of information, and eliminate data breaches, while at the same time provide business users with an extremely easy-to-learn, easy-to-use product that increases adoption rates. You also gain additional administrative control over the data and can decide where the storage resides — on premise or in a cloud infrastructure.

    Cleo Unify also provides:

    • Backend connectors
    • Search and filtering capabilities
    • Automatic enforcement of security rules
    • Full audit trail of file transfer activity
    • Support for e-discovery
    • Less training and services engagements

    Collaborate and scale with flexibility

    The Cleo Unify solution enables your teams to collaborate with others — both inside and outside of the company — while exchanging files of all types and sizes securely, easily, and with a complete history that allows you to track all files. It’s the best of team collaboration without the security risks associated with consumer-oriented solutions.

    The Cleo Unify product also scales to meet enterprise-wide requirements and meets your availability needs with fail-safe redundant architecture. It’s also built to operate independently or in conjunction with Cleo’s proven secure data integration solutions to enable all secure file sharing for business, secure messaging, and secure managed file transfer operations via a single web platform.

    100% uptime

    Drive difference-making uptime with 100 percent secure file sharing capabilities to ensure reliability and IT-sanctioned organizational adoption

    Eliminate downtime SLA violations