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Send large files via email (without worrying about it).

With the Cleo Trust secure messaging solution, sharing files of all sizes via email with customers, prospects, partners, and remote employees is always simple, secure, and reliable. This technology allows users to securely communicate outside company firewalls without worrying about encryption, file size, or receipt confirmation.

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How it works
File Encryption


Cleo Trust stores the email, both the message and any documents attached

Power digital transparency along your supply chain to extend data visibility


Cleo Trust notifies recipients of a message from a sender with a secure download

Enhanced SLAs


The recipient can respond or download the file and a notification is sent when delivered

Cleo delivered exactly what we needed: secure file sharing for files too large for email. Cleo does a WHOLE lot more than that, and in the future, I hope to leverage those things should the need arise.

The Multistate Tax Commission deployed Cleo’s integration platform and leveraged its secure file sharing capabilities.

Chris Lane

Multistate Tax Commission, Network administrator

Secure the advantage

5 minutes or less

With the Microsoft Outlook plug-in and simplified web interface, training a new user on to master Cleo Trust takes less than 5 minutes.  

Automate data validation, transformation, and orchestration processes

Meet organizational email needs

Corporate email servers have limitations. Attachments are typically restricted to no more than 10 to 20 megabytes and delivery confirmation is never guaranteed. Many employees try to solve this problem by circumventing their corporate email system and sending emails and attachments on their own. When corporate email is used to send large files, it can slow message delivery, impact the bandwidth, and increase storage and IT management costs.

    Here’s just a few ways Cleo Trust                                                          enhances your current email solution:

    • Send to any email address
    • Operate independently 
    • Eliminate security gaps 
    • Track all messages
    • Integrate with Microsoft Exchange

    Integrate with any email system, empower IT

    The Cleo Trust solution seamlessly integrates with your existing email system. Whether you’re using Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, or any other email product or service, the Cleo Trust solution will become a critical addition for your users.


    Sure email is easy.                                                                                              Now make it easy and secure.

    • Little to no learning curve
    • High adoption
    • IT control
    • Clear auditability 

    Maintain corporate standards

    The consequences for not encrypting email attachments when required to do so by regulations or industry best practices can include costly fines, potential lawsuits, and loss of trust from your customers.


    Protect your data.                                                                                                Assure compliance.

    • Maintain corporate IT standards
    • Powerful, on-premise
    • Handle small or large file attachments
    • Deliver the security and governance                                                                                                                             for today’s enterprise

    Security and integration

    • Support multi-protocol file sharing
    • Share files securely without reconfiguring firewall settings
    • Enable data loss prevention (DLP) and anti-virus (AV) protection
    • Eliminate the need for Java applets for large files
    • Integrate into any back-end system with powerful automation capabilities
    • Allow data storage on premise or in public or private clouds
    • Offer a full audit trail of all file transfer activity