Interactive communication with your important people

Reach people on the go with interactive voice, email, and text messaging

Timely business communication is critical. Messages need to get in the right hands at the right time. Failing to do so can cost time and money. But when your audience is on the move, how do you stay in touch?

Cleo Streem Notify helps you stay in contact in a mobile world. Reach your target with interactive voice messaging (cell or land lines), text messaging, or email. Whether sending a Streem Alert® message to an audience of thousands or a Streem Alert® message to an audience of one, Cleo Streem Notify helps you get your message out and can even request responses and generate reports.

Communicating with dynamic, interactive messages allows you to move your message to the right people, lets you view your audiences’ response in real time, and then allows you to act upon those insights. Communicate smarter. Employ Cleo Streem Notify.

What’s more, Cleo Streem Notify includes all the powerful capabilities of Cleo Streem Fax.

Benefits of notifications with Cleo Streem



  • Meet service-level agreements around timely alerts to customers
  • Demonstrate an automated procedure for alerting the public in emergency response situations

Efficiency and ROI

  • Reduce manual processes associated with contacting customers, patients, etc.
  • Reduce number of missed patient appointments by 30% by sending proactive reminders
  • Save money by conducting your own automated customer satisfaction surveys in-house
  • Integrate with existing PBX and telco resources

Cleo Streem benefits a variety of industries

Cleo Streem Notify is used by customers for secure 1-to-1 and 1-to-many communications across a wide range of industries including healthcare, education, and government.


  • Remote health device reminder notices
  • Emergency response team communication
  • Doctor appointment reminders
  • Office closure calls
  • Outstanding bill reminder calls
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  • Class surveys
  • Elective sign-up calls
  • School closures
  • Special event notices
  • Admissions appointment reminders
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  • Work crew coordination
  • Constituent outreach
  • Appointment reminders
  • Snowstorm and other inclement weather notices
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