Cleo Streem Notify
Reach people on the go with interactive voice, email, text messaging.

Cleo Streem Notify helps connect to the mobile world. Reach targets with interactive voice messaging (cell or land lines), text messaging, or email. Whether sending information to thousands or just one, Cleo Streem Notify helps get messages out while requesting responses and generating reports.

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Meet customer SLAs around timely notifications while demonstrating automated alert procedures during emergency response situations


Reduce manual processes associated with contacting customers and patients while reducing missed appointments with proactive reminders


Save money with automated in-house customer satisfaction surveys while integrating with existing PBX and telecommunication resources

Secure individual and large-scale communications
Industry benefits
  • Remote health device reminder notices
  • Emergency response team communication
  • Doctor appointment reminders
  • Office closure calls
  • Outstanding bill reminder calls
  • Class surveys
  • Elective sign-up calls
  • School closures
  • Special event notices
  • Admissions appointment reminders
  • Work crew coordination
  • Constituent outreach
  • Appointment reminders
  • Snowstorm and other inclement weather notices