Managed file transfer with Cleo

Secure managed file transfer made easy

Companies that need to move data to their trading partners want to be able to connect to all their trading partners quickly and easily and they want a solution that can handle each vendor’s individual requirements, mandates, and schedules. Cleo LexiCom is that secure file transfer client solution. With more than 800 preconfigured connections, you’ll be quickly and easily connecting with all your trading partners.

Cleo LexiCom provides robust support for the most protocols on the market, quick and easy installation, and heightened manageability and visibility — all out of the box — for your immediate and future secure file transfer needs.

The solution of choice for AS2 and more

More than just your garden-variety AS2 solution, Cleo LexiCom provides you with secure, full-functionality file management that makes connecting and managing the movement of your valuable data simple and worry-free.

Not just for AS2 file transfers, Cleo LexiCom also supports secure FTP and the most common protocols in the industry, including AS3, ebMS 2.0 (ebXML Messaging Service), fasp, FTP, S/FTP, SSH FTP, HTTP, HTTPs, IBM® WebSphere® MQ, MLLP, OFTP, OFTP2, RNIF, SMTP, SMTPs, and Web Services.

Quick and easy installation

Quick and easy installation

  • Easy, rapid implementation allows most users to be connected and moving data in less than 24 hours.
  • Cleo LexiCom does the work for you. With more than 800 preconfigured connections, you can connect to popular trading networks immediately, including Walmart, Target, Food Lion, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Honda, and more.
Manageability and visibility

Manageability and visibility

  • Manage certificates and partner relationships more efficiently with Cleo LexiCom’s full-featured certificate management.
  • Optimize scheduling, remove bottlenecks, and simplify workflows with Cleo LexiCom’s integrated scheduler.
  • Cleo LexiCom’s reports provide real-time access to transfer information. Whether you’re onsite or working remotely, Cleo LexiCom’s automatic alerts and email notifications keep you informed anywhere, anytime.
  • Cleo LexiCom’s robust reporting capabilities provide a closed audit trail and validate transfers — helping you to avoid issues and saving you time and money.
Quickly grow

Quickly grow your connections and business

The Cleo LexiCom secure managed file transfer clients lets you leverage your existing technology, including EDI translators, operating systems, and IT infrastructures, to optimize resources for your mission-critical data exchanges and easily scale as your business grows.

  • Start with just one easy, affordable connection to start doing business today.
  • Consider a Cleo LexiCom multi-connection pack for consistent, easy rollouts.
  • Growing out of those few connections? Make a simple upgrade to the Cleo VLTrader® enterprise managed file transfer solution, which features the same interface but with increased MFT functionality, a VLProxy agent to securely manage files in the DMZ, remote access via web UI, and more!

Technically speaking, we’ve got you covered

  • Drummond certified for AS2, AS3, and ebMS (ebXML Messaging Service) to provide interoperability. Cleo participates in each round of testing, as well as all optional tests.
  • Encryption algorithms for RC/2, RC/4, Triple DES, and AES families. MIC algorithms for MD5, SHA1, and SHA2 families.
  • Self-signed certificate generation allows private key sizes up to 4,096.
  • PGP and XML encryption deliver additional security over most protocols.
  • PGP and XML encryption of data files on the local system.
  • Platform support for Windows, Linux, UNIX®, and AS/400 operating systems.
  • Tight integration into many popular translators, including Trusted Link, Application Integrator, Gentran, and more.
  • Runs in the background as a service/daemon.
  • Proven and tested in more than 100,000 installations and backed by Drummond Group certification, you can be sure that you are in compliance.

For a complete list of the most common trading partners and the protocols they require, click here.


Quality is determined by customers, partners, and users like you. We know quality means confidence, so you can rest assured that our products and standards have passed performance and quality assurance tests required for certification, allowing you to leverage the latest advancements in security and efficiency.

Drummond Group certified

Cleo solutions, including Cleo LexiCom and Cleo VLTrader, have been Drummond-certified for all interoperability tests since 2002, including all optional tests such as those for multiple file support, check-point restart for large files, and certificate exchange messaging, just to name a few. Certified for Cleo AS2, AS3, and ebMS (ebXML Messaging Service) standards, which enable secure and reliable B2B internet data interchange, Cleo successfully achieved eBusinessReady certification for AS3 EDI/XML interoperability in 2005 as a joint partnership between GS1 US (formerly the Uniform Code Council, Inc.) and Drummond Group. We continue to perform at an exceptional level as interoperability testing advances and remains true to the industry’s current standards for secure internet communications.

The Drummond certification program provides neutral third-party testing of software within a simulated, controlled real-world secure file transfer environment. Current test results are available at the Drummond Group’s website.


Cleo and OFTP2 — Reliable, fast data exchange over the internet

With more than 40 years of experience and more than 100,000 installations worldwide, Cleo offers solutions in enterprise managed file transfer, B2B and application integration, big data, accelerated file transfer, network fax, and dynamic interactive voice and text messaging. Cleo’s solutions for B2B and managed file transfer (MFT), Cleo LexiCom and Cleo VLTrader, are Odette certified for OFTP2, ensuring that these solutions can reliably interact with other software packages for the secure exchange of critical business data.

Widely used within the automotive industry, OFTP2 is the newest version of the Odette File Transfer Protocol that now includes security features that enable secure and reliable data exchange over the internet with faster transmission speeds.

Cleo’s OFTP2 protocol features include:

  • Backward compatibility with OFTP
  • Support for both ISDN and TCP/IP connections
  • Large file transfer
  • Substation mailboxes
  • Certificate Logical Identification Data (CLID) and Automatic Certificate Exchange (ACE)

Cleo customers can add OFTP2 to the large and growing list of options available to connect and exchange with their trading partners worldwide. Cleo supports a wide array of market-leading protocols that enable secure exchange with trading partners of any size and location. Cleo’s commitment to OFTP2 certification further enables the automotive industry to standardize on Cleo solutions to meet all of their secure B2B and managed file transfer needs.

Click here for more information on Odette’s testing.

Easy to install and implement

Whether you’re new at connecting with trading partners or need to grow your existing connection capabilities, Cleo LexiCom® is the quick and easy solution!

  • Cleo LexiCom is easy to install, easy to implement, and easy to use. Most importantly, you won’t need expensive implementation consultants
  • With over 800 preconfigured connections and the widest array of secure protocols in the industry, you’ll be connecting and transferring files in hours instead of weeks
  • Flexible integration options and easy trading partner configuration
  • All Cleo products are Drummond certified, so you’ll enjoy the added confidence of industry-wide interoperability
  • Cleo LexiCom is highly available and reliable and is proven and tested in more than 100,000 installations around the globe


During the process of making the important decision to choose a new managed file transfer solution, many of our customers had the same types of questions. We’ve compiled those frequently asked questions and answers and hope they better enable you to make the informed decision to choose Cleo Lexicom!

What is a protocol?

Protocols are different methods used to send files over the Internet. Cleo LexiCom supports all of these protocols: AS2, AS3, ebMS 2.0 (ebXML Messaging Service), fasp, FTP, FTPs, SSH FTP, HTTP, HTTPs, IBM® WebSphere® MQ, MLLP,OFTP, OFTP2, RNIF, SMTP, SMTPs, and Web Services.

What is AS2?

AS2 is a type of secure protocol used to send files over the Internet. Cleo LexiCom fully supports Drummond-certified AS2. We have thousands of customers using Cleo LexiCom software to send their files securely via AS2 to their trading partners and customers.

What is Drummond certification, and why is it important to me?

The Drummond Group is a neutral third-party entity that provides a forum for interoperability testing between competing software solutions. Choosing a Drummond-certified solution is very important, as it ensures that you have a product that has gone through months of rigorous testing to make sure that it operates according to set standards.

Drummond certification is important to you since many trading partners require that you use a certified product in order to send files to them.

Cleo LexiCom has gone through certification testing every year since the inception of the Drummond Group. Cleo LexiCom is one of a very select group of products that can make this prestigious claim! The Drummond “seal of approval” guarantees that the solution you choose is certified.

Is there a single solution that will allow me to do AS2 and FTPs?

Yes! Cleo LexiCom supports the most protocols in the market. We are one of very few solutions that support all of these following protocols: AS2, AS3, ebMS 2.0 (ebXML Messaging Service), fasp, FTP, FTPs, SSH FTP, HTTP, HTTPs, IBM® WebSphere® MQ, MLLP,OFTP, OFTP2, RNIF, SMTP, SMTPs and Web Services.

With Cleo LexiCom, we make it easy and convenient to use one product to connect to all of your trading partners, customers, and VANs.

Can you help me to send my information securely (EDI or non-EDI) to a VAN?

Yes! Cleo LexiCom can be used to connect to any VAN, no matter what protocol they require.

Can you help me send my information securely (EDI or non-EDI) to my trading partners and to my VAN?

Yes! Cleo LexiCom can be used to connect to a VAN or directly to your trading partners and customers. Due to our large protocol stack, you can connect using any combination of these following protocols: AS2, AS3, ebMS, FTP, FTPs, SSH FTP, OFTP, HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP, IBM WebSphere MQ, or PGP/FTP.

Do you have an easy way for me to set up a connection to my trading partner?

Yes! Cleo has over 800 preconfigured connections. We’ve already done all the hard work for you! Each preconfigured connection is 90% complete with all the server specifications and requirements needed to connect to your trading partner or VAN. Cleo’s support team will help you with the last 10%, which is user-specific information needed to complete the connection. It’s quick and easy! If you don’t see your trading partner or VAN in our alphabetical list of preconfigured connections, let us know. We will create one for you within 24 hours at no cost to you.

Click here to see all of Cleo’s preconfigured connections.

Can I run Cleo LexiCom on a Windows or a non-Windows operating system?

Yes! Cleo LexiCom can run on all of the following operating systems: Windows, AS400, AIX, HP/UX, Linux, and Solaris. Cleo LexiCom supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems.

Benefits of Cleo LexiCom secure managed file transfer

Quickest and easiest installation
Quickest and easiest installation
  • Install in two hours or less; configure and deploy in only 24 hours.
  • Flexible integration options and easy trading partner configuration.
Widest array of supported, secure communication protocols
  • All built by Cleo — no third-party add-ons.
  • The industry leader in the innovation of new protocols.
  • Drummond certified, tested, and proven for AS2, AS3, and ebMS.
More secure
More secure
  • Add secure connections easily and safely without modifying your firewall.
  • Less chance of errors, including the dreaded security hole.
Highly available and reliable
Highly available and reliable
  • Runs quietly and reliably in the background.
  • Supports a checkpoint restart, streamlining the reliable transfer of large files.
  • Supports quick and easy audits of any trading partner.
  • Putting it simply, Cleo LexiCom just works!
Fastest diagnosis
Fastest diagnosis of communication problems
  • Comprehensive file transfer logging.
  • Quickly drill down to the appropriate detail level with our easy-to-use user interface.
  • Set and monitor non-event alerts and resend documents easily.
  • Backed by our incredible support team.
Certificate management
Full-featured certificate management
  • View and manage all your certificates.
  • Easily exchange certificates and notify your trading partners of expiring certificates.
  • Smoothly migrate certificates with activation scheduling and overlapping.
Transmission scheduling done your way
  • Set transmissions to occur automatically, at any time or interval.
  • Remove bottlenecks and simplify workflows.
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