CIC Studio: Rich integration environment designed for exceptional agility & control
Cleo Integration Cloud Studio

Self-Service Integration Control

  • Design, build, and optimize end-to-end business processes
  • Complete integration development environment designed for intuitive user experiences



Self Service Integration

Powerful API Integration

  • Seamlessly connect and integrate applications with CIC Connectors & APIs
  • Enable any application integration use case - eCommerce, CRM, ERP, WMS, TMS and more




Robust B2B Integration & EDI

  • Industry-leading connectivity for any protocol, including AS2, SFTP, FTP/S and more
  • Powerful any-to-any data transformation with any data format - EDI (X12, Tradacoms, EDIFACT), XML, JSON, flat file, spreadsheet, database, and more



B2B EDI Integration

Low-Code User Experience

  • Empower teams with a powerful environment to design & build integrations
  • Pre-defined profiles and out-of-the-box templates accelerate integration development



Connect Applications and Partners

Hands-On Troubleshooting

  • Rapidly manage exceptions to protect business SLAs and response times 
  • Proactively surface issues in CIC Cockpit and take hands-on control in CIC Studio to manage issues





Agility is synonymous with sustainable success in the age of digital ecosystems, and we rely on Cleo for highly adaptive integrations that speed our innovation. CIC Studio helps us get closer to our customers and partners because their world changes so quickly that our business processes must be primed to accommodate them. 

Ed Krupka

CIO, Burris Logistics

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Self-Service Integration ControlSelf-Service Integration Control
Powerful API IntegrationPowerful API Integration
Robust B2B Integration & EDIRobust B2B Integration & EDI
Low-Code User ExperienceLow-Code User Experience