Real-time visibility for real-time integration

Out of the box, increased visibility into EDI transactions across your critical data

Cleo Dashboards is an easy-to-use web-based reporting tool for the Cleo Integration Cloud that provides read-only access to your transactional EDI and non-EDI data, as well as interactive dashboards for real-time views of transaction and system statuses.

These reports provide out of the box, real-time visibility into data transaction across communications and B2B integration tools. Cleo Dashboards gives users accessibility and full visibility into the Cleo Clarify and Cleo Harmony reports and transactions from a single platform and can monitor the status of a transaction, no matter where it started or where it may be going. Information is delivered in the form of high-level, comprehensive reports that can be used as the primary reporting portal to view, manage, sort, and export other reports.

Benefits of Cleo’s application integration technology


Increased transparency into the details and history of any transaction

Improved decision making
Improved decision making

Make important critical decisions quicker when information is easily accessible and at your fingertips

Increased productivity
Increased productivity

Providing self-service tools to your customer service representatives


Assign report level access to a variety of users


Empower your end users with tools allowing them to design and create their own reports, visualizations, pivot tables, and dashboards

Time savings
Time savings

Email transaction status reports to users before their day begins

Predictive planning
Predictive planning

Be proactive by using Cleo Dashboards over your log warehouse for the power to predict changes and trends before they occur

Cleo Dashboards offerings

Cleo Dashboards Standard

The Standard edition comes with the integration platform and complements the auditing capabilities by providing read-only access to EDI and non-EDI data. It contains the following features:

  • Predefined report library containing comprehensive data reports and dashboards, including SLA reports
  • Predefined report library specifically for EDI reports and dashboards
  • Use the predefined filters to search your data by status or trading partner and filter/sort according to user-selected columns
  • Read-only browser based access to all reports and dashboards
  • Connect to multiple Cleo environments (production, warehouse, or test) using the same login and tools
  • Export filtered and sorted data from any report interactively in Excel formats
  • Create users and roles with full or limited access to one or more reports
  • Email scheduled reports to users or simply write them to the file system

Cleo Dashboards Premium

The Premium edition contains the same reporting options from the Standard edition, plus:

  • Connect to an additional back-end system or other data source
  • Create your own reports from a quick-start template
  • Customize the reports’ look and feel to reflect your business needs
  • Functionality to build web forms, including order submission, update order information, and order cancellation
  • Functionality to build web portals, including self-service shopping carts, item look-up, and data maintenance
  • Additional report templates to get you started
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