Any-to-any data transformation made easy

Companies need robust data integration in order to drive their business. But keeping up with the constantly growing number of data formats required to support the business has become a monumental task. When IT cannot support a data format, it risks becoming a roadblock. What if you could say yes, we can support that — and then just make it happen?

Cleo Clarify is an any-to-any data transformation and orchestration platform that enables companies to scale to support a wide variety of business integration requirements without additional coding.

Cleo Clarify’s key capabilities

Easily transform data

Easily transform EDI, XML, Spreadsheets, Flat Files, and other non-EDI data into any other format for ingestion by on-premise and cloud applications

onboard new trading partners

Migrate data and onboard new trading partners in 50% less time than traditional methods

Accelerate integration

Accelerate integration with popular business applications, like SAP, JD Edwards, Salesforce, and NetSuite, with a rich set of connectors and intuitive wizards

Avoid errors and data process latency and improve customer service levels

Avoid errors and data process latency and improve customer service levels

Monitor data transactions

Monitor the status of all data transactions in real-time with Cleo Dashboards

“We can connect with customers and partners how they want to. EDI was typically one of the longest IT project tasks to be completed when it came to new customer startups. With Cleo Clarify, we have reduced development effort and achieved faster time to value.”

— Tom Loftus, Saddle Creek Logistics

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Accelerate data transformation capabilities on your cloud or ours

Being easy to do more business faster is the goal of every successful organization, especially if you are able to scale without the risk of system errors or operational downtime. By implementing your integrations using Cleo Clarify through the Cleo Integration Cloud, you control and monitor the rapid transformation and exchange of data, how and where you want, by choosing a variety of flexible deployment options based on your user requirements.

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Cleo File Transfer and Data Integration

Cleo Clarify B2B integration and beyond

Cleo Clarify is designed to shield self-service users from complex integration activities through automated tools and easy-to-use wizards. Since Cleo Clarify reduces the time to build and manage B2B integration processes, you will achieve business outcomes faster, and can even extend B2B integration and data transaction visibility to your business users within your network, adding even more value to your business.

Whether you manage it yourself, or have Cleo Managed Services do it for you, Cleo Clarify allows you to:

  • Automatically generate, customize, and reuse integration projects to migrate data from one system to the next, and onboard new partners — in half the time than traditional methods
  • Easily create document schemas, including EDI, XML, Flat File, Spreadsheet, JSON and Database
  • Seamlessly couple Cleo Clarify with Cleo Harmony® to enable highly secure end-to-end B2B, application, cloud and data lake integration processes
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