Tungsten Network Customer Success Story

Tungsten Network efficiently transfers millions of monthly files using Cleo

London-based invoice processing leader efficiently transfers millions of monthly files

Business Need

With multiple data centers in the U.S. and in the U.K. designed to support global customers, Tungsten Network, the world’s largest compliant electronic invoicing network, was transmitting more than 6 million files a month – including fully compliant e-invoices, purchase orders, and tax documents – using AS2, SSH FTP, and FTPS transfer protocols.

Tungsten’s customer portfolio includes many Fortune 500 companies who rely on its secure invoicing technology to provide efficient, straight-through payment processing. Reliability of these critical processes ensured credibility and customer retention and also business expansion as Tungsten secured itself as a leading global trading network.

Tungsten creates its value when organizations reduce invoice-processing costs and their partners receive greater efficiencies, greater visibility into invoice statuses, and greater peace of mind. Tungsten looked to maximize its data integration capabilities and increase its clients’ processing power.

IT Challenge

To better connect some of the largest global corporations and governments with their tens of thousands of suppliers, Tungsten Network’s IT infrastructure has to be dependable. Any downtime could mean a loss of customers and revenue.

Tungsten sought maximum reliability as well as elevated reporting, management, and root-cause analysis of activities to understand short-term issues and long-term trends to make better business decisions, for itself and for its customers.

As Tungsten pushed to grow its business and offerings with existing customers to secure additional revenue streams, scalability and the ability to accommodate a wide variety of advanced protocols was critical. The organization sought a comprehensive solution that it could trust with its current and future expectations.

The Solution

Tungsten found its solution in Cleo Integration Cloud, which runs its multiple data centers, supports all of Tungsten’s advanced secure communication protocols, and handles the high-volume data transfers crucial to a global e-commerce company.

Cleo Integration Cloud's load-balanced and high-availability architecture provides a reliable and scalable infrastructure, and the advanced monitoring and reporting serves up quick issue diagnosis and resolution, exactly what Tungsten sought to proactively troubleshoot and stay ahead of any issues.

With Cleo, Tungsten could quickly and easily add customers in a complete governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) environment, and it also was able to successfully meet customer SLAs, provide segregation of duties, and complete auditability. The result was a sizable increase in revenue.

See what Cleo Integration Cloud can do when it comes to issue resolution. Watch a demo now.

Tungsten Network
London, England UK
Business Need

Maximize data integration capabilities and increase clients’ processing power.