Saddle Creek Logistics Services Customer Success Story

How Saddle Creek Logistics wins new business with Cleo

With integration comes differentiation: How Saddle Creek Logistics wins new business with Cleo

Business Need

Saddle Creek Logistics Services is an asset-based third-party logistics provider headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. The company specializes in designing and delivering omnichannel logistics solutions for manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce companies. Saddle Creek’s customers utilize its integrated logistics services to get their products where they need to be quickly and cost-effectively.

Saddle Creek Transportation, the company’s transportation division, offers both asset (fleet) and non-asset based transportation services across the U.S. Saddle Creek Logistics was seeking to replace a legacy EDI system with an integration tool that would enable the company to connect to customers and partners in any file format and with any communications protocol. The desired solution had to be fast, accurate, and reliable, and it also had to scale with the business.

IT Challenge

As a high-volume logistics organization with 44 locations across the U.S., Saddle Creek had to support various customer protocols, including AS2, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPs, and Web Services (SOAP), and all manner of X12, EDIFACT, flat file, XML, and spreadsheet documents. The accurate and timely delivery of everything from purchase orders to shipment confirmations to advance ship notices, as well as load tender, tender accept, carrier status, and carrier invoice messages, was critically important. But Saddle Creek Logistics’ previous technology vendor could not integrate with newer versions of Saddle Creek’s warehouse management system (WMS), nor did it support multiple file formats.

When the Saddle Creek Logistics leadership team attended a Truckmate (TMW Systems) transportation conference where Cleo was exhibiting, team members suspected they had found a cost-effective platform with the comprehensive integration capabilities they had been looking for.

The Solution

Saddle Creek Logistics replaced its legacy EDI systems with Cleo's data transformation solution in Cleo Integration Cloud and can expertly meet the diverse and challenging integration requirements of its customers, retailers, suppliers, transportation, and third-party integrators.

“We can connect with customers and partners how they want to,” said Tom Loftus, director of data integration systems, Saddle Creek Logistics Services. “EDI was typically one of the longest IT project tasks to be completed when it came to new customer startups. With Cleo, we have reduced development effort and achieved faster time to value.”

Loftus added that Saddle Creek Logistics’ its expanded integration capabilities have helped earn new and repeat business for the company.

“The ability to provide accurate data and process automation has led to increased efficiency and improved service levels while keeping our resource costs down,” he said. “We can implement simply and quickly to meet customers’ and operational needs, and it’s easy to see that our integration capabilities have become a differentiator for Saddle Creek.”


“We love the fact that Cleo can handle any translation and protocol in a single tool, and we like that it can do any data transformation. The Cleo technology natively handles X12 and EDIFACT without much work, and it has very good error tracking. It’s truly a complete integration solution.”

– Tom Loftus, director of data integration systems, Saddle Creek Logistics Services

Saddle Creek Logistics Services
Lakeland, Florida, USA
Business Need

B2B integration, data transformation, managed file transfer