Richlu Manufacturing Customer Success Story

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Business Need

When the time comes to step outside in frigid temperatures the one thing you want to rely on is that your clothing has got your back. For those workers spending hours outside in the cold, that little extra bit of warmth and comfort is going to go a long way towards making your life a bit easier.

For over 80 years, Richlu Manufacturing has built apparel designed specifically to protect people in the hardest professions, the harshest climates, and any other challenge that life might have to offer. Founded in 1939 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Richlu has sought to create apparel that works and plays just as hard as its customers who wear it.

Partnering with best-in-class companies in order to continue to curate the highest quality apparel and footwear, Richlu tailors its clothes and updates designs based on customer feedback. Richlu’s customers generally consist of trade workers on construction or industrial job sites who work in extreme cold but must also perform their highly skilled, heavy, and dangerous work.

IT Challenge

Richlu has always focused on having a customer-centric culture and processes, but recently has taken steps to go even further to leverage integration technology to provide the very best customer experience possible. The goal was to enhance its ecosystem with strategic partners to better enable IT services and integrations. The issue, however, was Richlu’s EDI vendor could not provide the desired turnaround times for new EDI partners.

After reviewing six vendors, through an exhaustive search of technical reviews, TCO comparisons, and evaluations based on in-house requirements, Richlu selected Cleo Integration Cloud to help it grow and enhance its internal capabilities.

The Solution

Through Cleo, the company is using VAN and AS2 for communication protocols, while transforming myriad commonly used EDI documents such as the 850, 855, 860, 856, 810, 824, and the 846. Richlu moves approximately 8,000 EDI transactions a month. Richlu has industry EDI standards 4010 and 5010 that it must meet based on its customers, while continuing to keep up with customer retention through onboarding.

By using Cleo, Richlu has drastically reduced customer onboarding time. One of Richlu’s largest trading partners was implementing EDI, which took its previous vendor over 14 weeks due to mapping and translation errors. But with Cleo that time was shrunk to less than two weeks.

Additionally, some of the business benefits Richlu has gained from implementing Cleo Integration Cloud include:

  • Error resolution tracking and reporting
  • Elimination of non-compliance fines
  • Reduced hardware/software costs
  • Reduced development consultation charges

“We received excellent support from the Cleo support team,” said Alexis Olson, IT and Sales Operations Manager at Richlu. “When we create a support ticket, we get a call from support within a few hours and by connecting through online meeting software Cleo personally shows us how to fix those issues.” Olson cited Cleo’s intuitive navigation, EDI mapping by supporting multiple file formats, automation, and the platform’s EDI dashboard as reasons Cleo has worked so well as a value-driver for Richlu.

There are more intangible gains Richlu has received from Cleo Integration Cloud. After just a few months of using Cleo Integration Cloud, Olson was able to see measurable improvements such as  increasing customer satisfaction, usability that leads directly to increased sales,  more accurate customer and partner information that’s available instantly, plus improved analytics and better controls to improve data input accuracy.


Richlu Manufacturing
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Business Need

Reduce customer onboarding time