Rana Meal Solutions Customer Success Story

Rana Meal Solutions, Europe’s leading pasta maker uses Cleo to integrate EDI transactions in the U.S.

Europe’s leading pasta maker uses Cleo to integrate EDI transactions in the U.S.

Business Need

Rana Meal Solutions is the Chicago-based manufacturer and distributor of Giovanni Rana Fresh Pasta and Sauces, which is based in Italy and has been making pasta for the past 50 years. Largely due to the increasing popularity of Giovanni’s fresh pasta and sauces, the recently opened U.S.-based manufacturing and distribution facility was growing at a phenomenal rate.

Rana had a growing need to become data compliant with its various warehouse and logistics providers, a task the organization had put off for two years as the business expanded. It was essential for an expanding organization like Rana to fully connect to the supply chain, maintain compliance among its partners, and leverage its resources to drive additional growth.

IT Challenge

To address its compliance needs, Rana was ready to deploy another cheaper EDI solution, but quickly realized the reason it was so cheap: Rana’s IT department would have to do heavy custom coding to interface the solution with its JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne enterprise resource planning software, one of the leading ERP platforms for logistics organizations. Rana’s team did not have the time nor the expertise to devote to such a manual integration for its critical B2B data exchanges. That’s when Rana turned to EDI integration expert Cleo and its application integrator for the JDE solution.

The Solution

Rana Meal Solutions weighed its options and easily chose the B2B integration and data transformation capabilities of Cleo Integration Cloud. This solution features the Cleo application connector for JD Edwards, which predefines much of the integration needed for common EDI transactions and vastly simplifies the onboarding process. Instead of spending valuable time custom coding the solution to fit, the JDE adapter automated Rana’s EDI processing and interchange between external trading partners and the JDE platform.

Cleo’s professional and managed services teams also delivered to Rana a careful and responsive approach to the migration that featured a comprehensive plan, a timeline, and a full understanding of who is responsible for the data at every stage. In the end, Cleo’s EDI leadership and expertise with JDE solutions easily won Rana over, and Cleo Integration Cloud’s ease of use and advanced application integration capabilities will help Rana ensure better long-term value and quality products for its customers.

Rana Meal Solutions
Chicago, IL USA
Business Need

Growth and improved partner relationships