Pennsylvania House of Representatives Customer Success Story

Pennsylvania House of Representatives simplified message distribution for 250 offices via Cleo Streem®

Pennsylvania House of Representatives simplifies message distribution for 250 offices via Cleo Streem

Business Need

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives supports nearly 250 offices throughout the state. This presented a wide variety of communication needs. Documentation needed to be faxed to various representatives, government agencies, and media outlets. Staff needed to send messages to constituents via email, text or voice call. Often, the distribution lists were so large, special arrangements had to be made in order to accommodate the volume requirements. The communications team needed a consistent, efficient method of managing lists, documents, and distribution.

IT Challenge

The staff first tried using an outside faxing and messaging service, but this proved costly and cumbersome and caused delays. The office’s IT team, which provides the technological backbone for 103 members, along with their staffs, as well as 1,700 users, was often flooded with emails and calls for assistance. IT challenges included:

  • Providing one solution to address the wide array of messaging needs
  • Making sure that solution is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with existing IT hardware so the IT staff isn’t inundated with help calls
  • Providing cost savings and efficiency by improving daily workflows

The Solution

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives relied on Cleo Integration Cloud to address all its messaging requirements. With the system’s enterprise email-to-fax capability, documents are now sent and received directly to and from users’ desktops. Cleo Integration Cloud allows staff to automatically send messages via fax, email, text, or voice call to all of their constituents, no matter the size of the list. Staff is able to make important public service announcements, send session updates, and reach House staff whenever necessary by utilizing the Cleo Integration Cloud alert and notification capability. Thanks to Cleo, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is able to communicate whenever, wherever, and however it needs to in the most efficient way possible.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Business Need

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives includes 103 members representing more than 12 million residents. With limited IT staff bandwidth and multiple communication methods needed, Cleo provided a centralized platform to allow communication with nearly 250 offices statewide.