nVision Global Technology Solutions

nVision Global Technology Solutions processes 100M EDI documents a year with Cleo

Cloud-based freight audit and payment company processes 100M EDI documents a year with Cleo

Business Need

Georgia-based nVision Global Technology Solutions is a leading global freight audit and payment provider as well as a provider of supply chain technology solutions. With locations in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, nVision Global processes, audits and pays freight invoices from nearly 200 countries worldwide.

nVision Global’s SaaS offerings facilitate enterprise-grade decisions and replace outdated systems with a true cloud-based platform, electronic data services, and a global channel directory for nVision’s partners across the world.

One of the fastest growing companies in the industry, nVision Global’s customers rely on its prompt, accurate, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)-compliant freight audit and payment services and software, as well as leading analytical tools, to increase efficiencies and reduce overall supply chain costs. But nVision Global’s B2B integration processes were, at best, disjointed and didn’t accurately reflect its reputation as a cutting-edge technology provider.

IT Challenge

As a leading provider of SaaS-based freight audit, payment, and logistics management solutions, nVision processes 100,000,000 EDI documents annually. Additionally, nVision Global works with more than 17,000 transportation providers globally and must support whatever industry-standard protocols and custom file formats its customers demand. But a patchwork of disparate, outdated solutions that hardly exist anymore were running these critical operations, and onboarding new business was incredibly difficult.

While the company knew it had to address its pieced-together data communications and data transformation solutions to gain business efficiencies, the setup, while sprawling and complex, was working. Updating such core B2B integration systems wasn’t a budgeted project. So why explore a change?

“nVision is committed to providing our customers superior products and services,” said Luther Brown, CEO of nVision Global Technology Solutions. “Our commitment is to connect, integrate, and exceed our global customers’ expectations by providing secure and efficient electronic means to receive and transfer data globally. And we needed to better deliver on that promise.”

Brown and nVision Global realized the disparate solutions they had weren’t conducive to the level of customer experience they sought to provide and were hindering the company’s growth goals. When it became harder to find consultants to write new maps for its legacy solutions — and thus, increasingly expensive — nVision Global evaluated Cleo.

The Solution

Today, nVision Global’s leading cloud-based platform is powered by the Cleo Integration Cloud, deploying the Cleo solutions for secure data movement and easy data transformation. With Cleo Integration Cloud, this leading-edge SaaS organization has gained:

  • A single platform with multiple protocol support and a brandable portal for communications
  • Easier data transformation, with a standard approach to building maps
  • Comprehensive dashboards for true end-to-end visibility and auditing for SOX compliance


“Cleo Integration Cloud enables nVision Global to meet each of our customers’ unique product and service needs via premium enterprisewide supply chain solutions. A strategic partnership with Cleo helps ensure our commitment to excellence in providing intelligent and efficient services around the world.”

Luther Brown, CEO of nVision Global Technology Solutions

nVision Global Technology Solutions
McDonough, Georgia, USA
Business Need

Modern EDI technology to replace legacy communications and data transformation solutions