JDA Customer Success Story

JDA chooses Cleo for ultimate reliability and scalability, enabling supply chain management services growth

JDA chooses Cleo for ultimate reliability and scalability, enabling supply chain management services growth

Business Need

JDA® Software Group Inc., the leading provider of supply chain, manufacturing planning, retail planning, store operations, and collaborative category management solutions, was faced with a growth challenge. JDA’s vast industry expertise and innovative cloud platform help companies optimize inventory, labor, and customer service levels, and its business was thriving. The company’s transactions were exceeding tens of millions per day, representing billions of dollars of eCommerce orders that enable shelves to be stocked with inventory throughout the world. JDA was experiencing steady 20 percent year-over-year growth in its cloud business, and the volume of data that needed secure and reliable migration was increasing.

Realizing significant growth in its cloud business, JDA had to continue to meet and maintain the service level agreements (SLAs) and secure environment commitments it had made to its customers. In addition, the company required flexibility and agility to bring new customers on board quickly. JDA needed real-time communication across multiple protocols to maintain workflow at half a dozen data centers, including internationally. With a million users relying on JDA’s extensive portfolio of cloud-deployed integrated planning and execution offerings, achieving an advanced level of speed, flexibility, and scalability in its cloud business was crucial to the company’s future growth.

IT Challenge

JDA was relying on incumbent integration technology from several well-known global providers that were not able to scale as quickly or to the level that JDA required. In addition, a desire to consolidate disparate technologies drove the company to look for a more reliable and scalable single-platform solution to support the massive amount of data and aggressive growth. Another main driver in finding new technology was the need for issue detection, diagnosis, and resolution when issues arose. Every second counts for JDA’s customers as they manage the flow of goods from raw materials to manufacturing to customer delivery. High availability, complete visibility, and easy scalability were non-negotiable, and JDA pursued a consolidated internal and external solution to meet these essential business needs and maintain its industry-leading certifications.

The Solution

JDA sought Cleo Integration Cloud to ensure reliable information integration while supporting all of JDA’s advanced secure communication protocols. Cleo implemented easy load balancing for seamless scalability — a major need for any growing company — and its dependable monitoring solutions provided the quick diagnosis and resolution of connectivity and data transfer issues JDA needed.

“Cleo’s support and engineering teams are world-class professionals,” said Greg Mersberger, senior cloud services director at JDA. “The dedicated Cleo staff does whatever is necessary to ensure smooth operations in complex supply chain environments.”

With Cleo’s world-class information integration solutions, JDA was better poised to meet and exceed its SLAs despite massive, growing data volumes, faster customer deployments, and scalability requirements, which will help JDA avoid significant investments in additional process and infrastructure to support this demand. The Cleo implementation also benefits JDA’s customers in the form of lower infrastructure costs, optimized shipping, and automated workflows. Cleo Integration Cloud continues to help JDA remain the standard for the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers, and distributors that choose JDA to run their applications.

Scottsdale, AZ USA
Business Need

Ability to meet and maintain service level agreements (SLAs) and flexibility / agility to bring new customers on board quickly.