Hogan Customer Success Story

Hogan uses Cleo & improves EDI, B2B integration to meet changing needs

Transportation logistics provider improves EDI, B2B integration to meet changing needs

Business Need

Hogan, founded in 1918 and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, has delivered high-quality transportation services across the U.S. for nearly a century. These services include truckload, dedicated services, logistics, full-service leasing/rental, and fleet maintenance, and the company’s superior reputation has led to an expanding network of business partners and facilities.

However, an ever-increasing influx of business partners, locations, and mission-critical information flowing throughout its ecosystem spurred Hogan to make strategic technology decisions that would centralize its EDI and B2B integration for today’s needs as well as future needs.

IT Challenge

Hogan sought to not only keep up with ever-changing business needs but also stay ahead of them. With business growing and new partners coming onboard every day, the company’s current processes and communication workflows had to change to address that growth while continuing to provide the quality of service Hogan’s business partners have come to expect.

Hogan recognized the need to streamline the company’s business transactions and improve operational efficiency. Improvements in these areas would reduce the time Hogan and its business partners would normally spend during the onboarding process.

A reliable, scalable B2B integration solution that enhanced workflow automation and setups would enable Hogan to better manage its evolving business needs.

The Solution

Hogan was already a happy Cleo customer with an overwhelming track record of success with Cleo communications tools over the years, over time evolving to Cleo Integration Cloud. The company uses Cleo for EDI transactions using AS2, FTP, and SFTP, which was 99% of the workload. When the company sought a single, consolidated integration solution for communications and data transformation, Hogan knew just who to call.

Hogan tapped the power of the Cleo Integration Cloud for full B2B integration and increased visibility, met growing data volumes, and automated numerous processes, which allow the company to process more documents and more types of documents much faster. Hogan also leveraged a UI workflow to seamlessly build dedicated data transformation rules and processes to fit its business and manage its end-to-end integration.

Hogan found a strategic business partner in Cleo, whose solutions helped shore up its integration infrastructure to ensure a better business experience for its current and future customers.


“Cleo just makes our lives easier. Nobody loves to have a bunch of different systems, and we wanted to manage our data flows from a central platform. With Cleo, having everything coming into one central point and being able to process the data from all of our systems – and go back to the same place for support – is a real value-add for us.”

— Glenn Jansen, director of information technology at Hogan