CTSI-Global Customer Success Story

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Business Need

CTSI-Global needed a way to simultaneously preserve and evolve its IBM iSeries technology investment while embracing modern cloud integration to provide real-time operational dashboards, analytics, and
configurable reporting with controls for business, operational, and technical users.

IT Challenge

Because CTSI-Global serves over 20,000 carriers, exceeding $15 billion in transaction value annually, the company needed to craft a solution that would perform exceedingly well at high transaction volumes. Plus, with more than 1,500 connections running for different trading partners, it was critical the company provide a seamless end-to-end customer experience

The Solution

CTSI-Global selected Cleo, along with their Managed Services team, and implemented Cleo Integration Cloud into their B2B and ecosystem integration offerings.


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Memphis, Tenn
Business Need

Provide seamless end-to-end integration for customers, resulting in a superb customer experience.